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Ryan Meyer
Hello, my name is Ryan Meyer. I was born in beautiful Forsyth County, Georgia. I love watching college football and tennis and I'm in a cult called band. I love talking about current issues and figuring out ways to solve them. I’m writing this to tell my readers a little bit about me.

My name has no real significance other than it meaning “little king” in Irish, which is where most of my heritage is from. I would probably have a different name if I could have chosen, maybe something along the lines of Jake. However, being named after a firefighter on the Bachelorette was an interesting way to go about it. I do feel like I've grown to fit the name pretty fine. 

I would describe myself as goofy or loud; I’m never one to sit still and I enjoy making people laugh or smile. I am also very attentive although I may seem as if I'm zoning out, nothing ever goes unheard around me although it may not be acknowledged. I enjoy helping out other people. I look forward to school events such as football games and I live for the energy of sports. I forgot to mention go dawgs. Six people in my family are UGA alumni which means I have to be a fan or I’ll get disowned. I plan on applying for a degree in business administration at Georgia. It might be a stretch but I will work hard and see if I get there.


Ryan Meyer, Writer

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Ryan Meyer