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My name is Pierce Garramone and I’m in 12th grade. My full name is the opposite of ironic, my first name comes from the actor and film producer Pierce Brosnan, while my middle name is inspired by one of America’s longest working actors, Harrison Ford. With a name like mine, you’d guess I’d grow into the arts. Despite the fact that I love to write, I’m not a big reader.

I spent the first 9 years of my life under the hot and dry sun in Nevada, far in the middle of the desert. I wasn’t used to very much variety, it rained maybe once or twice a month, there wasn’t a speck of real, authentic green nature and every time I looked into the horizon I’d be met with the same mountains that surrounded the valley. It can remember one distinct time that it snowed in all my time spent living in Nevada, it was insane to see so much of another color around me for once, other than the brown and red dirt and sand. When I finally moved to Georgia at the age of 9, it was such a drastic change for me in every area, a better education, more to see and think about, more to write about, more to imagine.

I love to write. Whether it’s a story, a news article, or even a class essay, I enjoy putting things into my own words. The way that people can perceive things and jot down their thoughts differently has always captivated me. I believe I have my own unique style of writing, which is why I’ve taken every opportunity during my time in FCHS to write in a class. I am moving on to my second year in Newspaper, and am also taking Dramatic Writing as my literature course for the year. When I’m not writing, I’m constantly paying attention to my surroundings, thinking of a way to describe and tell it to others in detail. I’m excited to go through yet another year of writing for both the FCHS newspaper and the Forsyth County News, and I think I will continue to bring more to the table as I wrap up my time in high school.


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Pierce Garramone