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Olivia Thees

Olivia Thees, Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Olivia. I’m a junior at FCHS and I enjoy the fine arts. I participated in acting classes for about seven years before going to middle school, when I decided I did not want to pursue theatre activities. In middle school, I actually found my passion for art and to this day I still doodle and practice my craft, so I’d say I’m pretty skilled in it. I absolutely adore cats and lots of other animals. If I were a color I’d probably be yellow or blue. Blue is favorite color, whereas yellow is what greatly represents my personality since though I am shy-ish, when I’m with my friends I can be very extroverted and cheerful.

Though I am in the Humanities program, I am actually looking for a career in animation. Despite not having to take these classes- given the career I want doesn’t have much to do with them- I would like to gain a better understanding of the world through them and perhaps incorporate these things into my animations in the future. I guess if you wanted to describe me with a single word from these qualities, it would be “motivated”.


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Adopt- Dont Shop!

Adopt- Don’t Shop!

December 4, 2019
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Olivia Thees