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Jacob Haslett

Jacob Haslett, Writer

My Head

“What are you doing, Chaos?” Asked Logic. “What do you think? What I always do. You really should pay more attention.” Said Chaos.

“Why would I pay attention to something so trivial?” Rebutted Logic.

“You know what? You just don’t know how to have fun!” said Chaos.

“Would you two stop bickering for five minutes!” Yelled Wrath, “All you two ever do is argue.” 

“All of you need to just stay calm and get along.” said Creativity. 

“SHUT UP!” responded the three in unison. 

“W.. why do you guys H.. have to be like this. Y..you’re freakin’ me out here.” said Fear, stuttering. 

“I’m sorry,” said Logic “We didn’t mean to scare you.” 

“I think the kid should suck it up and move on.” said Wrath. “All he does all day is sit in a corner cowering and muttering to himself.” 

“Don’t you listen to him.” said Creativity, “He didn’t mean it.”

“I.. I know it’s just that how are we supposed to work together to run this place if we keep yelling at each other.” said Fear. 

“Fair point.” said Logic, “We need to work cohesively for this work out.” 

“Nah, I’m good.” said Chaos, “I work alone anyways.”


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Jacob Haslett