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My full name is Jonathan Luke Lindsey and I spend most of my time at school, studying and looking forward to the time I leave for IE2. I usually go home and make a smoothie or take a nap after school. Napping is a very recent hobby of mine, as of August 3rd recent. I used to never nap; in fact I used to not be able to sleep during the day at all, but now the first thing I do when I get home is jump on my bed and sleep just comes naturally after that. Closing your eyes really helps shut all the light out, especially if you wrap up in a blanket. I usually take a burrito formation, where you completely cocoon yourself. It’s very warm and I highly recommend it, but know that you will make a complete mess of your bedsheets.

I am a very serious person, so I suggest you take me seriously.

People and writing are both huge passions of mine, which is mainly why I enjoyed being an outlet for local artists last year (which I’m still planning on pursuing), but this year I’m planning on being a platform for more than just expressionists; I’m hoping to be a voice for anyone who has something to say. For those who have a story, an opinion, or an experience that they wish to share, I’ll be available for anyone and everyone this year through the Central Scene, with the disclaimer that I’ll refuse anything hateful or hurtful to others. Share something about yourself. A passion, a story, an opinion, anything. Pumped to see what people have to share!

Luke Lindsey, Staff Writer

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