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Baylor Collins
Why plan anything if no plan survives action? My understanding with the universe is one of mutual spontaneity that ensures every missed step sees a hitherto unannounced platform support it. I do something erratic, and the reaction to such is equal. If a project is almost late, the due date is suddenly pushed back. A quiz unprepared for subsequently delayed. Though unreliable, this philosophy works more than any other I’ve tried. Hence, it is very reliable.

I’ve made it to 11th grade on this system and passed all my classes with only a couple close calls. Furthermore, it discourages complacency, the system of not experiencing anything new and thus becoming dull in the brain. If you remain still or complacent, the soles of your shoes will become weathered; active, and you will levitate effortlessly. 

I implore any reader to follow a similar approach. Take a journalism class on a whim, and see it become the favored period of every day. Use what others see as a Fortnite-playing-machine and fashion a surfboard. In this way, one never intersects another unless induced. “Live and let live” as some say.





Baylor Collins, Writer

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