Central Scene

2019-2020 Staff

Emma Harding


Heyo, it’s your girl Emma, back at it again with some journalistic writing. This will sadly be my third and final year writing for the Central Scene. Over these past few years, writing for my school’s newspaper has allowe...

Olivia Thees

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Olivia. I’m a sophomore at FCHS and I enjoy the fine arts. I participated in acting classes for about seven years before going to middle school, when I decided I did not want to pursue theatre activities. I...

Isabella Busse


Yikes My name is Izzy (short for Isabella) Busse. I was born in Orange County, New York. I have lived in Georgia for the last eleven years, but I do have fond memories of New York, like eating lots of pizza and sleigh riding...

Jaeden-Amiri Owens


Hello! I am Jaeden Amiri-Owens, a junior attending Forsyth Central High School. I have been in the Forsyth Central Journalism program since I first came here in the 9th grade.

Baylor Collins


Why plan anything if no plan survives action? My understanding with the universe is one of mutual spontaneity that ensures every missed step sees a hitherto unannounced platform support it. I do something erratic, and the reac...

Laurel Daniel


Hello, my name is Laurel. I am a sophomore here at Central. I enjoy a lot of things, such as listening to music. I’ll listen to anything but country music. I love baking desserts, but I’m not the greatest at it. I watch a l...

Zachary Furbush


When it comes to controversial and sensitive political issues, I love to discuss them. I am not afraid to hurt feelings (until I do and I feel bad about it) and will happily debate any sort of political topic. I value knowledge, and b...

Pierce Garramone


My name is Pierce Garramone and I’m in 12th grade. My full name is the opposite of ironic, my first name comes from the actor and film producer Pierce Brosnan, while my middle name is inspired by one of America’s longest w...

Jacob Haslett


My Head “What are you doing, Chaos?” Asked Logic. “What do you think? What I always do. You really should pay more attention.” Said Chaos. “Why would I pay attention to something so trivial?” Rebutted Logic. “You ...

Emma Humphries


Does what I do make a positive impact? This is a question I often ask myself. I have experienced the majority of my life in the same setting with the same friends and family. I was born in Buckhead, GA in 2003, and moved up to Cum...

Trey Kuhn


My name is Trey Kuhn My favorite color is purple I like Super Smash Bros. And deep-sea turtles   Purple is the best color out there and any other answer is wrong. Sorry if I sound aggressive but that is ju...

Allison Oldani


Greetings and salutations, my name is Allison Oldani, and I’m a sophomore at Forsyth Central High School. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Georgia in 2008, right before I started kindergarten. I love playing cl...

Jack Ramu

Punion Editor

Howdy, I’m Jack and I am a sophomore at Forsyth Central High School. I’m in my first year of the Humanities program, and have so far loved learning new Humanitarian concepts. I am involved in the Flash of Crimson Marching B...

Heidy Lopez-Rangel


Hi! I’m Heidy Lopez-Rangel, I am Georgia born and raised - I have lived here my entire life, and have only left the state twice. I am Mexican-American with my parents being from Michoacan, Mexico. I have grown up as the middle c...

Ryan Meyer


Hello, my name is Ryan Meyer. I was born in beautiful Forsyth County, Georgia. I love watching college football and tennis and I'm in a cult called band. I love talking about current issues and figuring out ways to solve them...

Lama Younis


My name is Lama Younis and I was born on the 3rd of June, 2004 in Amman, Jordan. I moved to Johns Creek, Georgia at the wise and ripe age of seven with my mother, father, older brother, and younger sister. Since then, my life has...

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