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Matthew Leaves Catastrophe in Haiti

Luke Lindsey, Staff Writer

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Hurricane Matthew has negatively impacted many communities and families, but none have been more affected by the storm than the people of Haiti when it crashed into their towns and homes at 7am local time, Tuesday morning. With its residents living in basic cinder block homes or stick-in-mud shelters, and with their infrastructure already weakened from the 2010 Earthquake, the category four hurricane brought on 145 mile-per-hour winds and devastating amounts of damage, leaving many homeless. Roofs were blown off many of the homes, leaving people exposed during the horrid and unforgiving storm. ”Before [Hurricane] Matthew, the ground was already saturated, so the idea that you could have 25 inches of rain is a very scary thought,” explained Jacqueline Charles of the Miami Herald. Haiti is no stranger to natural disasters, and is still trying to pick up the pieces from the 2010 earthquake that razed the country.haititropicalweather-c4d5f

“The hurricane was so large and powerful that people in a 40 mile radius from its center were under hurricane warnings, and tropical storm-force winds were lashing areas as far as 185 miles away, near the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince” stated Rebecca Hersher. There have been five known deaths in Haiti blamed on the hurricane, but due to the downed communications, there may be many more that we do not know about. People fear that the storm will cause outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Haiti was slowly recovering from a recent cholera epidemic, but is now concerned that another one might be rekindled due to the harsh wind and rain.

Hurricane Matthew is set to move north, and strike the Bahamas, and southeastern United States, specifically areas in Florida, coastal Georgia and the Carolinas. According to Reuters, President Obama stated regarding the storm, “I want to emphasize to the public–this is a serious storm. It has been building strength on its way to Florida.”

As the United States fearfully awaits Matthew’s arrival, Haiti is trying to assess the reality of the current devastation.

These people are in need and many are already helping, but they will need all of the support they can find. To help the people of Haiti, go to WVI.org and search “Help Haiti Recover” to donate to this cause. Even a small donation can go a long way.

Information courtesy of NPR.

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Matthew Leaves Catastrophe in Haiti