Ask A Bulldog

Anonymous , Staff Writer

    Hello C-House, this is The Bulldog. At Forsyth Central High school we are starting a new segment on our school newspaper, The Central Scene, called, Ask A Bulldog. This is a segment where you, the students, can submit your questions into one of the many Ask A Bulldog boxes located all around the school or you can contact me at [email protected]. These questions can be about anything you want ,whether it’s personal or school related. Forsyth Central is a school that cares deeply about the well-being of its students so this space is for anyone who needs advice, or for those who may not have anyone to talk to about the day to day challenges of a high school student.


“My boyfriend is a year older than I am, and just left for college. We are trying to stay together, but high school and college are two different worlds. Should we break up so he can figure out college and so that I can focus on school?”


    All relationships have their challenges, but it’s how you handle these challenges as a couple that determines whether your relationship prevails or fails. Your apprehension on whether or not you should break up is understandable. You two are at completely different points in your lives and are having different experiences. Although this is true, maintaining a healthy, stable, and loving relationship is not impossible. The main thing that you two would have to focus on is communication, trust, and dedication. Communication is an important factor in all relationships. Without communication, you two would just grow apart and the relationship would fade into the background. Whether it’s just a good morning text or a phone call, talking on a  basis is very important this shows your significant other that you care enough to take the time out of your day to see how they’re doing. Along with communication comes dedication. Both of you have to show that you are committed to the relationship or it will not work. If either of you began to lose interest, the other will sense that have become a burden to you and the relationship will crumble. Another factor is loyalty. Staying true and honest in the relationship builds trust and helps to make the relationship stronger. Especially since you two are at different points in your lives, keeping the communication, trust, and dedication strong will i keep your relationship strong

“I’m in three AP classes and I play two sports. How do I keep myself from having a mental breakdown?”


    Wow, it seems like you have a lot on your plate. While sports are fun and an amazing extra curricular activity, your grades are even more important. I would say go for a test drive. For a few months, try juggling all of these activities. If  you find out that you can’t balance all of them, then loosen up on the sports. I get that sports are a passion, but In the end how well you do in sports means nothing if you can’t keep your grades up.


“I’ve just come to the realization that I graduate in a year, and I plan to go to college.  My girlfriend however doesn’t want to attend. She is content with working a basic 9-5 job, and doesn’t understand my need to go. What do I do?”


    This may be hard to hear but, it seems as if you two have different aspirations and goals for your future. Where you want to succeed and achieve, she wants to stay at a constant standstill in her life. This means the relationship will not work. Staying with someone who doesn’t understand your need to be great and who isn’t willing to be great with you is not the best option. My advice is to do whatever you want with your life. Do not let your girlfriend’s influences deter you from doing something that you feel would benefit you in the end.