Alice In Wonderland: The Play

Alice In Wonderland: The Play

Jayne Badeaux and Gloria Longoria, Staff Writers

A timeless tale, adapted for the theatre, in a way unlike any others seen before, The Forsyth Central Stage presents Alice and Wonderland. The original tale follows a young girl named Alice as she travels through Wonderland. Filled with nonsensical characters such as the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, and the Cheshire cat. The play takes place in a factory, and is stylistically different, with a neo Victorian steampunk aesthetic, that gives a fresh look on the old tale. Puppets and humans alike will flood the stage to deliver this wonderful tale. 

Sydney de Haan is one of the two student directors who run the show. We had the pleasure of interviewing her for the play, and she spoke highly of the cast and the play itself. She describes herself as a very creative being, and feels that through she has expanded her ability through the show. When discussing the cast, she states that, “the cast is amazing, they are all so talented especially since they’re young actors I didn’t quite expect this and they have blown my expectations out of the water”. Even though she and her co-director get in some disagreements, they work like a well oiled machine. Since the version of the play is so stylistically different, Sydney was asked how it feels to portray such a stylistically different play. She responds with, “I love it’s amazing because I don’t have to go in  with what everyone expects and I am excited to take my twist on it. It’s a little bit more difficult because all of the inspiration out there is based on what we were raised on, but it’s definitely made me work harder.” Adding on later, “I like to imagine it’s like a toy factory, and all of these characters are just toys that have come to life, and all of these people who are running the show are engineers so they’re getting dirty and grimed up running the show; it’s beautiful. I love it. “

Piper Clark will play the main character Alice. Piper already has a connection with the story, as it was a big part of her childhood, and even relating to Alice. However, when she first learned of the twist on the story, she was confused,”I was like how will how will that work? But they explained the context to me and it kinda makes sense and I think the whole  steampunk narrative will be so cool”. During the interview she talked about her confidence in the cast and the play itself, knowing it will be amazing. To finish off she advertises the show, “Just see the show cause it’s going to be really good!”

Jasmine White, the costume designer, is excited to work with the cast, and is quite vibrant. Working with a public school theatre budget, she has to be resourceful. On top of the play she is balancing the stem academy, as one of the few stem students in the play. She talks about how it’s difficult, especially when she is one of the few, and therefore has a fairly unique situation. But when she mentions the cast, she compliments them, mentioning how the group is pretty close to theatre, and respects it. 

The performance is February 23 to February 27, and will mostly be available to visiting elementary schoolers. However there are days to see the play, so go out and support the show!