Our Memories: Trey Kuhn


Trey Kuhn, Staff Writer

Some of my most enjoyable memories from this year have been from my automotive class. My class is the last one of the day, so we are often tasked with bringing in the golf carts from outside into the garage. Randomly in class Graham, my auto teacher, would just toss the keys to someone in class and tell them to go get the golf carts. Instantly half of the class would be on their feet and running out the garage door to all pile into the carts. All of the seats would be filled and there would be people hanging off the side and back of the golf carts and we would all be wooping and hollering as we road down the sidewalk and into the garage. Other fun times include playing games on the white board, roasting each other, cleaning(yes we had a fun time doing this), and Valentine’s Day when Graham brought a whole box(not a small one either) full of various candy for us. Ahh good times.