Our Memories: Zachary Furbush


Zachary Furbush, Staff Writer

Maybe it’s just my memory being insane, but this memory I had may actually have been three different nights all shoved together into one. Could not tell you, I actually think it was, however for the sake of the story I’m now combining these into one night. On an October night, a Saturday marching band competition come to a close after an incredibly long day of practice, loading and unloading that stupid truck, and the run which was pretty alright, but not our best one. ┬áJared Lamb and I had taken up the role of loading the truck that season and we had just pushed up this absolute BEAST of a hill, I mean this thing was vertical. It took three people to help me get up that slope and required all of my leg and arm strength. We pushed to the truck and began to load all the equipment into the truck, one of the most physically exhausting activites I will ever have to endure. After 40 minutes of yelling and running and doing like, gymnastics type stuff, (its craziness in there, a monkey gym), Jared and I had finally finished. It was cold out and thank God because he and I were dying from the heat in the truck. The feeling of the cool air on our exhausted corpses nearly revitalized us, motivating us to walk back to the stadium where everyone else had gone for retreat (where we find out our score). Along our way, a band mom stopped us and said “Hey, thanks for loading the truck! Here come to my car I have some drinks for you. She opened her trunk and I picked a ginger ale and Jared picked a coke. These sodas were literally ice cold, like, had they been any colder it would have hurt to hold them. That moment of silence, drinking this ginger ale that just tasted like what I’d imagine the nectar of the Gods would be, and walking towards the stadium with Jared was really surreal. When I got to the stadium, I went to sit with my friends as we all anxiously awaited to hear our score and place. We earned second, but I didn’t really care at that point. All I cared about was sleep. Like, that was a long day. So on the bus ride home, (here is where I think it may have been a different memory) I had fallen asleep. I kept waking up, and looking around and then falling asleep again. I didn’t know I was sleeping, but Jake Dutton kept assuring me that I was definitely asleep.I still laugh at that to this day when I think back on this night, and the chronicles of the football games and competitions from the Twilight Zone were honest to God legendary. They were by far some of the best moments of my sophomore year.