Our Memories: Olivia Thees


Olivia Thees, Staff Writer

A good memory from the school year actually happened while my friends and I were not at school. I think a lot of us can agree that there isn’t much to do in Cumming, but one thing to do is hang out at The Collections. Unfortunately, with this corona outbreak, it seems like we start to miss the things we took for granted. So my happy memory has to do with that place. My friends and I had been planning to get milkshakes at Ted’s Montana Grill, a restaurant where my dad used to manage, and I knew a person who worked there (my dad  and I live with them, making us pretty close), so we could get some pretty delicious milkshakes for free. After school, we all got into my mom’s car and drove to this restaurant. It’s probably one of my favorite memories because of how fun it really was, and I got to introduce my friends to the person who worked in the restaurant who I was pretty close with. When we finished our food, we just walked around The Collections for a while and read children’s books in the bookstore and had a really fun time. It was honestly one of the best hang outs I’d ever done and I even got a pretty awesome milkshake.