Our Memories: Ryan Meyer


Ryan Meyer, Staff Writer

Over the past school year a lot of my time was spent connecting with different people through athletics and band. These people made waking up incredibly early and staying after school for hours during different practices much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Different kids have such a fighting spirit and  that makes others push for greater goals. In the future, their strength gave me hope that people are not growing apart and only coming together. Shoutout to all the kids I’ve seen through the Humanities program that have helped open my eyes to different views and see why someone would choose to do something out of the realm of what I would have thought to be plausible. Seeing people of different beliefs come together and have a great time truly opened my eyes to some funny arguments that ultimately made me a better friend, listener, and person. Sophomore year was a blast day in and day out because I was pushed through different physical, mental, and social goals. From debating in the capitol to Friday night lights, I am never forgetting all the students, teachers, and friends I have met. Rest in peace Food Days.