The Place Gives Support


Baylor Collins, Staff Writer

Encircled by an asphalt roundabout and built into the side of a hill sits an off-white, flat-roofed cube, nestled firmly into the Earth. Inside, a maze of beige hallways and cluttered storage space provide home to an ever-active charity organization. The Place of Forsyth, it’s called, and its operations multiply in spite of the pandemic outside its walls.

As children reliant on school lunches are made to skip meals at home, The Place of Forsyth packs school busses full of meals to be driven to these children in need. According to one of their volunteers, they go to the students of Liberty Mill Middle School, of North Forsyth Middle and Otwell Middle. Students of Forsyth Central High School also receive food assistance. For students of Sawnee Elementary School and Whitlow Elementary School who don’t have the transportation to reach their schools for meal pickups, The Place takes the food to them, according to their statement in The Forsyth County News.

As families living on week-to-week wages see layoffs and pay cuts, The Place of Forsyth provides financial assistance. Now more than ever people are calling in because of their employment status. People living on food stamps, people living without homes or near eviction, people to which the world has been cruel and people to which $100 can secure 2 weeks of their future. Their internal newsletter, which is sent out to volunteers, states that over $5,000 in assistance has already been distributed amongst those struggling as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Place of Forsyth is one of many places in Forsyth that can be said to function as a pillar of the community. Even in hard times, there are those that work to help others in greater need. As the lockdown persists and workplaces close, the community will need every such generous pillar it can get.