Celebrities Offer Some Help and Encouragement


Heidy Lopez-Rangel, Staff Writer

Celebrities are constantly gaining attention from internet users due to scandals or drama. Many of us stray from focusing on these topics irrelevant to our lives, especially since it consists of information we don’t necessarily need. However, as of recently, many of these celebs are putting their influence and platforms to use for the sake of helping with relief efforts for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rihanna – beloved singer who has had fans waiting for new music for four years – has taken initiative to help with relief efforts during this pandemic. According to a Huffpost article, her “Clara Lionel Foundation” recently donated $5 million dollars to various organizations (Feeding America, Direct Relief, Partners in Health, The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and the International Rescue Committee). New York is one the states that has been highly affected by this sickness, and is in dire need of supplies, it is considered the “epicenter” of the pandemic within the United States. Rihanna also helped with this situation by donating a million dollars worth of protective equipment to the state of New York.

Many of us are familiar with the Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse film, which many people are turning to as a form of entertainment with their kids in this current situation. Jack Johnson, who voices Peter Parker in the animated movie, heard about this and decided it was a perfect chance for him to help out. He went onto his Instagram to announce he would be sending short encouraging messages to kids in the voice of his famous character. He captioned his post with, “So, here’s my idea, if your child is home from school and wants a quick encouraging message from Peter B, then send me an email with their name and I’ll try and send over a short voice note.” (NME Article)

Power couple Kristen Bell  and Dax Shepard are going easy on their tenants that live within the various residential buildings the couple owns in the Los Angeles area. Bell and Shepard have decided to waive rent for tenants for the following month of April (USA Today). Currently in California, the total case numbers of the coronavirus have risen to about 8,580, along with 183 deaths (The New York Times). This will immensely help those residents considering that many will face financial problems with the struggle of having to stay home, in hopes of preventing this virus to spread.

While many celebrities have taken initiative to donate money or goods, others are promoting the crucial need to stay home and practice the act of social distancing. Amongst social media a movement has surged where celebs – and users in general – hold up a sign that lists the people they “stay home for.” Started by Kevin Bacon, the list usually involves loved ones – many of which are emphasized to be older aged parents, or at risk relatives. Those who have taken part in this trend involve Elton John, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Millie Bobby Brown, and many others. Similar to those who are taken apart of this, we should think of who we stay home for when we’re struggling with self isolation and being apart from friends and family. While it may not seem like it, simply staying home will help even in the slightest bit in reducing the total number of cases for this growing coronavirus.

We often turn to celebrities to follow trends, or don’t pay attention to them at all, but this is a situation where we could take action like they are. While some of us don’t have the means to donate, we can do our part by staying home. Many may think that because they are young they’ll be fine, but they do not realize the danger they’re putting older generations or those with medical conditions. The new trend is to stay home and social distance, and this is definitely one you won’t want to miss out on!Cele