A Small-Town Company Makes A Big Impact


Sydney Vallier, Staff Writer

In the small town of Jackson, Michigan, a metal fabricator shop called Technique has converted their shop from usual business to creating face shields for hospitals around the country. These face shields are brand new to the company and the business is creating 2,000 to 5,000 shields a day. Not only do these shields help the medical community, but they also help the workers to keep their jobs and wellbeing. 

The shop helped create the prototype with Henry Ford Allegiance Health on March 17th and their first shipment was sent out on March 24th (mlive.com). They bought tools and materials and created the masks very quickly. One tool they bought was sewing machines to attach the elastic to the mask and they trained their workers to create the plastic part of the mask by cutting them out with a high-pressure water jet and laser cutting the aluminum for the top. Most of this work was done in one weekend through lots of hard work from its employees.  

Technique is also keeping their worker’s jobs. This helps keep Michigan’s economy going and helps the workers support their families through this tough time. So not only are these shields helping doctors, but they are helping the people making them as well. 

These shields were designed to be reusable and tough. Every time a doctor uses them, they can put the shield in a bleach bath and it is ready to be used again (mlive.com). This helps with the shortage of medical supplies because reusable masks make it easier for doctors to gain supplies and keep them. 

Even with companies like Technique, hospitals still have a shortage of face shields and other medical supplies, but there are ways we can help. To help doctors all you need is a 2-liter bottle, a popsicle stick, and a headband. The plastic part is a cut out of the 2-liter bottle and the popsicle stick is glued to the top to keep the mask flat so doctors can see and the headband is glued to the mask so it can stay on the doctor’s face. (mlive.com) There are other mask materials you can use on entrepenuar.com as well. These homemade masks can help more people than doctors. Many grocery store and foodservice workers would like to have these masks to keep safe as well. So, to help your community, make these masks and offer the masks to anyone who you think will need them. 

Technique and companies like them are helping doctors and workers around the country. If people keep making masks and offering them, doctors can stay focused on the work ahead instead of worrying about if they will have supplies to help their next patient. If you have any free time, think about making one of the homemade face shields and who you could give it to. During this quarantine, stay positive and know that this will end.