Animals Bring Joy


Jack Ramu, Staff Writer

While humans have been on lockdown for weeks, animals across the country have been having the times of their lives. 

There is currently no evidence suggesting that animals can transmit COVID-19 (, which means that zookeepers, aquarium employees, and shelter volunteers have been working as hard as ever to make their animals happy during quarantine. 

Take, for example, Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. A photo of one very confused sea lion coming face to face with a tegu for the first time went viral. The two creatures were locked in an intense staring match, unsure of what to make of each other. The entire world found this to be the most adorable thing on the planet. 

Meanwhile at the Chicago Aquarium, employees have been monitoring as their penguins roam free around the grounds. One penguin, named Wellingtin, made his way over to the Amazon exhibit and became friendly with a few silver dollar fish. The video was all over the internet, and Wellington seemed to be having the best experience of his life. 

Georgia’s very own aquarium teamed up with the Atlanta Humane Society to document two puppies, Odie and Carmel, having their first encounters with big fish. The videos shot that day were not only for the entertainment of those of us in quarantine, but to also help Odie, Carmel, and other shelter animals get adopted. And it worked! The puppies, who are brothers, have “since been adopted into the same family” after the video of them cuddling on a fish tank window went viral ( 


While the Atlanta Humane Society is closed, their animals currently in foster care are still able to be adopted. In addition to this, they are still in need of items which appear on their wish list, now more than ever. You can find these items at 

Thankfully, zoos and aquariums across the nation do not want to lose contact with their crowds, so they have been setting up animal live streams on their websites. You can gaze at a beautiful coral reef from your laptop, or watch beluga whales swim from your couch all at They have cameras on their most popular exhibits. If you love pandas, you can watch them through the Atlanta Zoo’s webcam at You can even watch live streams from Tennessee, California, and Canada, all for free!

Quarantine can get lonely, but watching animals act as they normally would can be an assurance that some things never change. Even watching animals act like they normally wouldn’t can be entertaining and oh so adorable.