End of Season Energy?

End of Season Energy?

Ryan Meyer, Sports Editor

As most people could guess sports are exhausting. However, many sports teams treat the end of their seasons in different ways. Some groups relax and others gather what they’ve learned from their seasons and keep going. Some individuals might have to push harder than others for state meets or tournaments. So, how are our student athletes managing their time and energy towards the end of their respective seasons? 

For cross-country Will Andrews had to say this about their meets approaching the end of the season. “Everyone was so ready to dominate their race. We all knew what we needed to do when all was said and done, We knew we had pushed ourselves to the max and came out victorious over our own pain.” 

The mind of a cross country athlete is toughened and ready as soon as it comes to race. After months of training in the heat of summer and as the weather begins to cool down, each athlete has put in hundreds of miles of work and hours of time in their days to push themselves to get faster 5 kilometer times to help them prepare for their meets. 

Some 5k times have pushed 15 minutes, even the sixth man can run it in 17-18 minutes. These athletes have to wake up at times where most of the people in Georgia are still asleep, and travel to various meets with trails that are unknown to the runner and it’s up to their mental strength to push up hills with unassailable speed and power.

On the volleyball scene, the energy was pretty high to begin with, however exhaustion begins to catch up with the girls. Senior Emma Harding, a prominent player on the team said, “It  was the first season that the whole team was fully on board and committed to the idea that we had a chance to win the region championship and move on to state.” 


With this goal many of the girls were continuously motivated to get better at the game. “Our team grew very close this season and we seemed to do everything together,” she also went on to talk about how practicing throughout the summer really allowed them to bond and go into the season with high hopes. After passing the first round in the region tournaments last year, it gave the motivation to keep fighting this season. 

The energy began to creep a little low among the team during the last few practices, not because they didn’t want to play any more but because the morale of the team began to drop as they started realizing how hard it might be to make it past regions again, especially since there was a little frustration after a switch in game plans. 

The current temper is ambitious, as the season begins to close there have been some arguments among players. However, Sophomore quarterback Drew had some wise words to say, “Well, we all know the end of the season is coming, and the seniors are starting to add more heart to the game because they are realizing it is their last couple of games ever.”

As sad as it is, the seniors have devoted their time and bodies to the sport for years. They are going to be sad to retire from high school football but they know the future for our Dawgs is bright. The freshmen and JV teams have been successful thus far, and hopes are high. 

Coach Hepler and o-line coaches are giving great motivation to the players, and are working hard to bring their team back together after some hard losses and go out and make the end of the season a blast. Everyone is still on the grind, getting up early to lift weights, working hard after school to stay in shape and practice their throws, getting low, running, blocking, and of course tackling. 

The JV softball season also had a season of mixed emotions. During times they lost games the girls fell with their record mentally as well. Games on days of the normal school week made it tough for the girls to balance school and sports.

 As a result of the game schedule, some had to miss out after school activities and time with family. The team only won 4 games, but they said that the season helps prepare them for other sports such as  basketball. The girls are hunting for a spot on the varsity softball team next year and are going to prepare for the sports seasons that have that are yet to come.

Overall, each fall sport has had a very eventful seasons. Every player is glad to have more time to themselves, but it is always heartbreaking to leave a season behind, not only for the seniors to leave their teams and FCHS  after this year, but also to see the end of their journeys as part of the Bulldog family.