Bulldog Best Week Themes

Bulldog Best Week Themes

Emma Harding, Staff Editor

Here is a look at the for the Bulldog Best themes of the week.


Monday – Pajama Day

Dress in your comfiest PJ’s today. Just remember to not fall asleep in class… 😉 

Tuesday – Decade Day

Central is experiencing a flash from the past. Here’s a quick look at how each decade is best represented:

50’s – Swing dresses and the classic greaser look of rolled jeans, a white shirt, and a leather jacket are cool as ice, daddy-o. If you’re looking for more looks, take a glance at the movie Grease.

60’s – Hippies are going to be the grooviest inspiration around. For those wanting to go for a high end fashion look, look to Audrey Hepburn for the best looks. 

70’s – Disco takes over this decade so wear your best high waisted pants and shiny shirt. Still can’t find anything? You can get more looks from Eric Foreman and his gang on That 70’s Show.

80’s – There’s two ways you can go about this decade: pop, punk, and rock ‘n roll or jazzercise sweatbands and leg warmers. Either one will do just fine. Girls, remember to make sure that you’re hair is high and makeup is one!

90’s – Pop culture takes over this decade from classic movies like Clueless, to chart topper songs like Britney Spear’s “…Baby one more time”, or cartoons like The Rugrats that everyone knows and loves, the inspiration from the 90’s is endless. For those wanting to keep it simple, throw on a flannel and some torn up jeans. 

00’s – This decade gets harder to dress up as since it wasn’t that long ago but if you’re willing to try it you’ll need a tracksuit. Hip Hop had a major influence on the fashion of the early 2000’s so look to young Bey or Justin Timberlake for inspo. 

Wednesday – Central Celebrity/Famous Celebrity Day

Dress as your favorite celebrity today or if you think somewhere here st Central deserves celebrity status, dress as them to show your love. 

Thursday – Halloween Costume Day

It’s spooky season! Dress in your best halloween costume today. You can make it as scary as you want or as cheesy as you want but just remember, NO MASKS are allowed to be worn at school. 

Friday – Spirit Day

As the final day of the Bulldog Best Spirit Week, the only way to wrap it up would be to show your spirit! Be loud, and be proud. GO DAWGS! Come sure to come out to the game that night to cheer on your varsity football players as they take on South.