New Year; New Rules


Emma Harding, Staff Editor

It’s been over a month since school has started for Forsyth County. By this time, one might think that students are settled into their everyday school routine but this is not the case for students of Forsyth Central. At the beginning of the year, changes were made within the school in multiple different areas that greatly altered students lives at Central when compared to last year. 

These changes took place anywhere from what the daily schedule looks like to wear students park on campus. Although some students feel like they may be having a hard time adjusting to the changes, it really comes down to how one might look at it.


Can students handle another change?

Last year, the students of Central experienced a change with their schedules regarding their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday lunch periods – the implementation of Power Hour. In the beginning it was a big change, as FCHS students were so used to rotating through 4 lunches but Power Hour provided students the opportunity to have plenty of time to eat their lunch, meet with a teacher if they had any questions, and even allowed students a chance to stop by the Student Wellness Center, a breathing studio that debuted last year. 

What change this year could be as good as last year’s? The answer is adding another Power Hour….or is it? The schedule change this year revolves around Wednesday, particularly IF. Instead of having lunch during 4th period on the block day like last year, IF and 4th period have switched, meaning that IF is the new home of Wednesday’s lunch period. 

Because of this switch, it meant that in order for all students to maintain a reasonable amount of time in IF, power hour for lunch was the only way to go. As a fan of power hour and what it can do for students, Mr. Young shared that “[He] like[s] that there is access to the Wellness Center another day of the week.” This gives students who need it most the opportunity to relax if need be.

When asked about issues that were brought to the attention of admin, Mr. Young shared that “Some [students] prefer to have a longer IF.” Junior, Meghan Krulac, can attest to this issue, saying that “Having IF cut short due to lunch is nice for seniors I’m sure, but as a junior all it does is take away our time to get work done.” 

The way this change affects different students varies depending on many different factors, but it wasn’t made with the intent to disrupt any students school life. In all honesty, it allows the students an opportunity to work on their time management skills. 


What happened to my spot?

Parking at Central has always been an issue. That is until this year when admin decided to switch it up and rid themselves of the logistical nightmare that comes with handling parking. Students were first introduced to the change during Dawg Days. Instead of students being assigned a specific parking spot, they were assigned certain parking lots. At first students were appalled and concerns began to grow, especially in regards to there not being enough spots available in each parking lot. 

Coach Wilbanks comments that assigning students with lots instead of spots results in less violations and happier students overall. 

Dual enrolled senior, Faith Watson, has had her fair share of stolen spots in the past and agrees with this year’s changes saying that “There’s always a spot available for me with everyone coming and going to school – I mean, they’re pretty much only available in the back of the lot, but it’s still better than last year.”


Is this goodbye to Central’s tradition?

Since opening in 1955, Central has been home to the infamous concrete stadium. “The Crete” has become a part of Central’s identity. So when the announcement came out that Central’s football field and visitor side were being redone, switching around which side was going to home, people couldn’t help but question what was going to happen to “The Crete.” 

There were hopes to have the new home side be completely redone in concrete in order to keep the tradition alive but due to how much larger the new stands were planned to be, a compromise was settled upon: the new stands would be metal bleachers instead of concrete but they would be much larger than the previous home side.

Defensive Coordinator, Coach David Rooney, shares his concerns about the new stadium, saying “They are a lot bigger than the old ones. We will need to create excitement about coming to the games to fill them.” He hopes that won’t be hard though as he explains that the “quality of football being played” should draw more people in due to Central’s status as being the “underdog” in the previous football season. 

Senior wide receiver, Jake Bretz, explains that he is “really excited to be the first team to play in the new stadium.” As being the last student class to play with the “The Crete” as the home stands and the first student class to play in the new stadium, Bretz explains that what’s most important to him is the team rather the location they are playing. 

“I love being with my teammates and playing side by side with them, as well as looking up on the field to the best student section in the state of Georgia.” Bretz generous nod to the “Central Crazies” who cheer on the team every Friday night.