Social Media


Heidy Lopez-Rangel, Staff Writer

Today’s youth has access to the internet which offers a wide selection of social media – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube are some of the most common ones. Within these sites, many have created such a name for themselves that they now depend on social media as a career. Various types of performers use these platforms to promote themselves as well. Everyday, teenagers are exposed to these creators and influencers through the apps they use. Usually, they focus on people who share similar interests, which can range from genres of gaming, beauty, commentary, or music.

 On the other end of the spectrum is the audience – including an immense amount of teenagers – who can react in whatever manner they choose. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion, and when it comes to viewing others online, it differs with various expressions. Some people will view an attractive people on Instagram and grow frustrated that their appearance doesn’t compare. Others may feel the need to bash somebody with rude comments, even if they have no actual reason to. A survey conducted with on 14-24 year olds asked how social media impacted their overall health. The results found that social media “all led to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image and loneliness.”

What Do Central Students Think? 

Students were asked if they look up to anybody online, and furthermore, why? They were additionally asked about their overall thoughts about these platforms. 

Student One: 

Do you look up to anybody on social media?                                                  

Rapper NF 

Yes, I look up to a lot of singers and rappers – like NF (@nfrealmusic). They make content that’s relatable, and actually has a message, unlike a lot of people.  

What are your overall thoughts on social media?

I think social media is good in moderation, but of course,

if people abuse it and bully each other online – that’s not what it’s for. It could be bad, but if people use their brains, then yeah, it’s pretty good!


Student Two: 

Do you look up to anybody on social media?  

I just watch a bunch of random videos about certain topics. I watch a lot of movie critic reviews. 

What are your overall thoughts on social media?

It’s a creative outlet, but it also makes people doubt themselves, and compare themselves to others, which is obviously not good.

Student Three:                                                                                              

Ashley, “best dressed”   

 Do you look up to anybody on social media?    

I like looking at artsy posts – like makeup, fashion, and a  lot of graphic posts. I like Vereena’s videos (@vereenasayed) and Ashley aka best dressed (@best.dressed). 

What are your overall thoughts on social media?

It can be good because people can share their thoughts on different topics, post pictures about their life, and anything they want to showcase about themselves. It can be bad because a lot of hurtful things can be said, or a lot of hurtful things can be shown. 

What do social media stars think?

 In a 2018 Beats 1 radio interview with the late Mac Miller, interviewer Zane Lowe asked about his disappearance from social media. Miller responded with “I used to look at my phone, scroll through Twitter and Instagram, and get my ego stroked and destroyed in five minutes, every morning…I already have my own feelings and emotions and thoughts on what I went through, how am I gonna have room for all of these?” Young teenagers who carry vast amounts of expectations on their backs aren’t the only ones who suffer from the pressures and dynamics of the internet. Those with millions of followers who share their daily life or creations pay attention to the varying opinions posted too. It appears as if their large amount of following or popularity associates them with a perfect life, but at the end of the day they’re regular people. 

Overall Thoughts

Many students believe that as long as you don’t abuse these platforms, everything should be fine. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that everybody who logs onto these sites will use them properly. The internet has an adequate amount of space for everyone to share what their heart desires – from personal opinions, to music snippets of their upcoming album, to a photo you took with your friends at the park. However, before posting a nasty comment or opinion on someone’s account, just remember that the connection between many of these people is only through a screen. Through a screen, no one has any idea what occurs behind closed doors.