Homecoming: Silly Tradition or Exciting Event


Jack Ramu, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a tradition that’s been happening all over the country since the 19th century. But when it comes to our world, students don’t seem to get as excited for the big dance. Some just brush it off as a cheesy attempt to unite the student body. On the other hand, many students treat the night as if it is prom. Is homecoming worth all the excitement, or is it just another silly school tradition? 

While most of Central’s student body attends the Friday night game, many students aren’t sure if they want to attend the dance the following night. “Last year we put on the dance, because Central hadn’t had one in awhile” says ambassador Charlotte Gordon. “We had a really good turnout, and we sold over 600 tickets.” When asked whether she prefers the game or the dance, Charlotte answered, “I believe the dance is more fun, because you get to have the experience of getting ready with your friends, but at the same time, I’m a huge football fan, so I enjoy the game.” There’s something for everyone on homecoming weekend.  

Despite the seeming popularity of the dance, a large group of students are indifferent to it. Many are not willing to pay for tickets. When asked if he would attend the dance, Jaeden Amiri-Owens said, “If it costs money, no. I would only go if there was free food.” Similarly, student Allison Oldani says, “It’s not that I think it’s dumb, I just don’t like dances.” The most popular take seems to be that of Izzy Busse, who said, “I’ll probably go with a group of friends.” 


In fact, the concern of many students seems to be who they could go with. While most students settle to go with a large group, many are desperate to have a date. One student, who chose to remain anonymous, explained, “I feel like with a group of friends, they’d leave me, but a date is obligated to stay with me. Plus, I don’t want to spend $15 to hang out with friends.” Many students don’t know how to approach the question. Some students take the extravagant route of “promposing” while others never work up the courage to ask. Whatever you do, the clock is ticking, so make sure to take action soon!


One of the most exciting aspects of homecoming are the awards for homecoming court. In the weeks leading up, students had the opportunity to nominate who they thought deserved the title. With all the nominations in, students now get to vote. “I never expected to be nominated,but it truly makes me happy to see that I am doing well with my peers,” says nominee Igor Goncalves. Winners will be announced at the game during halftime.      

With less than two weeks until homecoming, students are beginning to get excited. They are itching for a break from the normal stress of school, and homecoming is an unusual way to let off some steam. “I’m excited to go and hang out with my girlfriend for a fun night” says STEM student, athlete, and band member Will Andrews. Many students with packed schedules like Will are excited for the weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Homecoming is right around the corner! The event will occur on September 21st, at 7:00 PM in the cafeteria. “The theme is ‘Secret Garden’. There will be vines, fairy lights, and flowers,” according to ambassador Aya Aberni. Tickets are just $15, and they are selling out quickly, so be sure to get yours today! Whether you go to the game, the dance, or both, there is no denying that homecoming will be a fun weekend.