Dungeons and Disports and SCAM Club: Should You Join?


Jacob Haslett and Trey Kuhn

Clubs are a huge part of life at FCHS. They allow you to partake in activities, explore possibilities, and meet new people. Whether you are have been apart of a club for years or have never joined one before there is always an option to join something new. 

The SCAM and Dungeons and Disports clubs are two out of many that are offered here at Central. These clubs are a safe place for those in the school who may not feel like they belong somewhere. SCAM being for those of any fandom to discuss and share ideas. Dungeons and Disports is for anyone who is interested in role-playing games to gather around a table and have fun. Even if you aren’t familiar with roleplaying games or you’re not a part of a fandom you may find a hidden love for these communities. 

The Si-Fi, Comics, Anime and Manga Club or SCAM club for short is an all-encompassing organization for fans of various different interests to meet and have fun together. This is a club for anyone who is apart of a niche or has a love for pop culture but has never had anywhere to call their home. Even for people who may not feel like they are interested in SCAM, they may discover something they never even knew was waiting for them. With the constant addition of people and interests SCAM has managed to become one of the most inclusive, diverse and creative places at Central. 

SCAM club meetings take place every Wednesday during IF in room 713 (Spanish Hall). These meetings contain fun club themed activities but they are also an opportunity for members to just talk, hang out and have a good time.  This is not all the SCAM has to offer though. For example, the club has plans to go on a field trip to “JapanFest” on September 21st. This is a chance for members to learn about Japanese culture through food, music, novelties, traditional performances, and more. This is an experience that will allow students to explore and acquaint themselves with a foreign culture they may have not known before. This is something unique that members can expect more of as SCAM continues to grow and expand.

“I wanted this to become a safe community for students to come and explore and to be comfortable with themselves and their fandoms,” says Ms. Mapi who helps host and run the club “I really want to have a group of kids that come together and create things.” These are the ideals that this club was founded on when it was created last year. Now the club has almost 50 members and it embodies those ideals more than ever. It is not only a safe place but a one of a kind place where anyone of any community can enjoy being themselves.

To some DnD is just a strategy game for nerds, some say it’s a game that only “weird” people partake in, some even go as far to say it’s played by demon worshipers, or completely made up. Here’s the inside story. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy table-top roleplaying game (RPG), in layman’s terms it’s a game in which people gather around a table, have fun, and create stories together. 

“It’s a place where anyone can be anything that they want to be, and it gives you a lot of creative freedom.” says the president of our own Dungeons and Disports club here at Central, more on that later. This in essence is the main draw of DnD and other RPGs, and is why people who are maybe more of social outcasts come to DnD. This is due to the fact that DnD isn’t rooted in the real world, and instead of that of the imaginary, subsequently causing the casting out of social hierarchy. 

“To me DnD is all about a group of friends getting together to have a good time, to build a story together and for everybody to have a chance to feel like they’ve accomplished something.” says Herr Carr, german teacher and club sponsor, “It’s an opportunity for folks to act out roles they wouldn’t otherwise.” For example: the scrawny nerd can play a buff orc barbarian, or for the timid to play a naturally charismatic half-elven bard. If you’re wondering how to get involved, the Dungeons and Disports club meets every Wednesday from four to five afterschool. The club welcomes anyone who is interested in any form of tabletop game. Furthermore, if you want an idea of what it’s like there’s Critical Role, a DnD stream on Youtube and Twitch run by DM(dungeon master) Matt Mercer, the voice of characters ranging from McCree from Overwatch to Deadshot in Injustice 2, and played by equally established voice actors.

Both of these clubs are a great place for students to come together and learn about their interests or potential interests they might share with others. If you are unsure or on the fence about joining one of these clubs, come to Ms. Mapi’s room for SCAM on Wednesday during I.F. or 4-5 after school in the cafeteria, for DnD, and try it out.