Donut worry, all you need to know about the new donut shop


Izzy Busse and Allison Oldani, Staff Writers

Looking for the best new donuts in Cumming? Check out Donuts Stop, located in Central Plaza across from FCHS . They opened Friday August, 16th and it’s been the talk of the town. Conveniently, they are open from 5am- 2pm on weekdays, perfect for breakfast. They primarily serve donuts, but a variety of refreshments are also provided such as, coffee, energy drinks, soda, and Gatorade. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should definitely try it.

Mr. Swiss used to be the most popular breakfast place in Central Plaza, but now there’s some competition. Mr. Swiss isn’t sure how they will be affected yet. 

The manager of Swiss stated, “We’re going to play it by ear. We don’t wish them any ill will. Obviously most of our customer base are [students]. We know we’ll lose some people but that’s okay. ”  For now, orders are being put out faster and they are hoping to maintain some loyal customers.

Donuts Stop isn’t as worried as Swiss. They are excited to have moved to this location, and to have Central students as their primary customers. “We wanted to move away from Dunkin’ Donuts opening down the street. Dunkin’ Donuts is bad. We’re better because we do things differently.”


According to the general consensus at Central, the students are very thrilled and plan on checking Donuts Stop out if they haven’t already. Although, some students believe this location to be part of a popular donut chain along the East Coast called Donut Connection, this is not true. Sophomore Judah Smith was one of these people. She said she has gone every day with her parents because she loves it. “Their bagels are bomb… because at first I was like ooh a new donut shop, whatever, I’ll probably still get swiss, but after I heard it was donut connection… Swiss who?” Seniors Madison Walbrun and Reagan Smith also expressed their elation. 

Our experience with Donuts Stop has been purely positive. They allowed themselves to be interviewed a day before they opened. We were able to go into the shop and talk to them, while also being greeted with free donuts. In our opinion, they were the best donuts we’ve ever had.