Forsyth County School Buses Will Now be Air-Conditioned


Christina Cannady, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, riding the school bus during the summer is not ideal. It gets hot fast, especially with a bus packed full of kids. On most school buses used today in Forsyth County, there is no air conditioning. The only way to get the air flowing is to open the windows and hope it’s not raining.

Luckily, the Forsyth County School Board of Education has realized this problem. They have closed an agreement to buy 50 new school buses. Each bus will be equipped with air conditioning and lowered maintenance costs.

In a meeting during December, the board approved the purchase of 50 new buses in total. Thirty 72-passenger buses and twenty 48-passenger buses were bought from North Carolina-based Thomas Built Buses. The buses were bought for a total of $4,691,650.

All new buses will include air conditioning. Jennifer Caracciolo, director of communications for Forsyth County Schools said in the meeting that in the new year, they will work to upgrade every bus in Forsyth County to have air conditioning. Caracciolo said, “So from this point forward every new bus that we purchase will have air conditioning.”

These new buses are also going to be used to replace buses that are at the end of their time. According to Forsyth County News, “Forsyth County School Director of Transportation Mike Satterfield…told the board that the life cycle of a bus is about 20 years.” The buses 20 years and older are most likely to be replaced first.

The new air conditioned buses will  also hopefully attract new bus drivers to the area as well. The board has heard from many bus drivers who about the working conditions on non-air-conditioned buses. With minimal airflow for long periods of time, it can be hot for the drivers and students. The new school buses will accommodate for everyone.