Life Hacks to Never Try

Life Hacks to Never Try

Cody Brown, Staff Writer

With how often the weather changes in Forsyth, it can be hard to prepare for the heat and the cold. How do you prepare for the unpredictable? Here are 10 tips to keep you cozy no matter what temp it is outside.

#1 Baby tears

Its well known that baby tears have an amazing chemical makeup that cools the skin. I recommend keeping a bottle of baby tears on hand when exercising or during stressful activity, especially in the summer. To effectively cool, make sure to apply baby tears around the eyes, finger tips, lips and chest.

#2 Photos of your Ex

Contrary to belief, ex photos are by far the most effective way to heat and cool yourself throughout the day. When it’s hot outside, the picture will soothe you with the reminder of their cold heart, and in the cold autumn months it will help warm you by reminding you of the good times you could of had. It’s recommended to carry at least three sentimental photos with you at a time.

#3 Cardboard

When strongs winds rise in the winter, temps can drop to as low as -30 degrees. To help block out the breeze, try wearing cardboard around your softer skin. Wearing cardboard around your hips, heads, and forearms can help keep you nice and toasty in the harsh weather. Any cardboard will work but thicker layers are recommended, as is attaching Duct tape to cover any pockets.

#4 Dress as Rapunzel

When the sun starts to warm, women usually sacrifice for beauty, that’s why this is the perfect middle man. Disney’s Rapunzel sports a beautiful dress designed to give the wearer both open sleeves, and a loose dress to run in, while not being as suggestive as Princess Jasmine. Although the rest of the costume (ie. Wig and shoes) are not necessary, they do help in juzzing up the look.

#5 Wear Bright Orange

As many of us know, Neon orange is a horribly ugly color. However, this horrifying color can save you in the dead heat. For starters orange is a bright color, so heat is less likely to be caught dead around you, as is anyone else. The benefit is no crowds will sweat on you, you’ll be completely free of gross body heat and any social interactions.

#6 Flex Tape

Phil swift has blessed us with many gifts over the years, but none as amazing as the ability to stay dry. Flex tape is a wonderful material as it sticks to the skin and is waterproof. By covering any exposed skin with Flex tape, you can go out into the rain in your birthday suit and stay dry. Just be sure to coat with multiple layers as it helps with the protection.

#7 Scooby Doo

Feeling cold inside, like there’s a hole in your empty heart you can’t fill? Watching Scooby Doo, more specifically worshiping it, is a great way to build up a spiritual flame in your heart. Science has shown us that by bowing to Shaggy twice a day can significantly boost your mood, your health and even set you into “Sicko Mode” on higher levels of worship.

#8 Eat Rocks

Rocks are pretty heavy: science doesn’t have to tell us that. A good way to avoid harsh winds and hurricanes is by eating up to three rocks every week. Rocks are easy weight to put on and get rid of just as quick. Be sure to avoid concrete however, as it will throw off your digestive system at higher levels. Plain rocks are much easier to consume.

#9 Watch Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a master of the brush, and a master of the heart. Studies show that watching Bob Ross while painting will keep the body at a steady temperature while improving self confidence and your painting skills. The process is time consuming, as a session lasts a minimum of three full episodes, but well worth the results

#10 Don’t go outside 

The End.