Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Jake Gant , Staff Writer

Note: This article contains no bias towards any candidate. In this article we will look at their stances on some key Georgia issues, and their pros and cons in a nonpartisan, educational manner. The candidates will be in alphabetical order by first name.

Brian Kemp:

Brian Kemp is a Georgia native, small business owner, Secretary of State, and member of the Republican Party. He was nominated in July for Governor by Republicans.


Brian Kemp studied at the University of Georgia, and graduated with a degree in Agriculture.


Before entering politics, Brian Kemp was a home builder and developer.

Brian Kemp became a Georgia State Senator in 2003, and held that position until 2007. Three years later he was appointed to the position of Secretary of State by Governor Sonny Perdue. He then ran for re-election against Democrat Georganna Sinkfield, and defeated her by 17%. In 2014 he was re-elected a second time.

Georgia is one of 17 other states that use electronic voting machines, which have been said to be vulnerable to outside hacking. Kemp has consistently denied that Russian collusion impacted the 2016 election in Georgia, and has said all voting in the State of Georgia is secure.

Kemp has been accused of voter suppression by many groups in the State of Georgia, and has been criticized for this due to the fact he is running for Governor of Georgia.

On The Issues:

Jobs: Brian Kemp has sworn to cut “useless and inefficient” government regulations on small businesses and has vowed to cut taxes on all citizens of Georgia to expand economic opportunity to rural Georgia.

Public Safety: Brian Kemp promises to stand with state prosecutors and law enforcement to ensure gangs and cartels are shut down. He takes a firm stance on ending sex trafficking in Georgia, and punishing sexual predators.

Taxes: As Governor Brian has promised to lower taxes for Georgia families and cap government spending in Georgia. He will stand against inefficient, costly government programs that do not help the people of Georgia.

Education: Brian Kemp supports early childhood education, pay raises for Georgia teachers, local control over schools, school choice, and more funding for the Georgia HOPE scholarship to make sure it is available to all Georgians. Kemp wants to reduce mandates and paperwork on educators and put students “ahead of the status quo.”

Healthcare: Kemp has sworn to craft a “Georgia-focused” healthcare plan that will lower costs of premiums and prescription drugs while increasing access for Georgia families. He will fund mental health services, protect rural hospitals, and “tackle” the doctor shortage with more residency slots and better incentivizes for rural physicians.


  • President Donald Trump
  • Former House Speaker and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich
  • Former Football Player Herschel Walker
  • Family Research Council
  • National Rifle Association
  • And 290+ More Found

Stacey Abrams:

Stacey Abrams is the current House Minority Leader in the Georgia State House of Representatives. Stacey is a member of the Democrat Party and candidate for Governor.


Abrams attended Spelman College where she got her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Before Abrams attended college she was a political speechwriter for many politicians, and got very involved in the political world. In 2002 she was appointed a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Atlanta. After this she worked her way into the Georgia House of Representatives where she fought for more HOPE Scholarship funding and did notable work easily with other Republicans in the State of Georgia.

On The Issues:

Jobs: Abrams wants to promote Georgia as a more open and inclusive state when it comes to jobs. She has vowed to expand medicaid and open more government programs to create more jobs, grow the Georgia workforce, and keep Georgia the #1 place to do business.

Public Safety: Abrams has been a major advocate of “common sense gun reform”, she supports universal background checks, the repeal of campus carry rights, and extreme risk prevention orders. She also supports community and hospital gun programs that help end gun violence, along with more research funding for mental health.

Taxes: Stacey Abrams has not provided an official stance on taxes.

Education: Stacey wants to provide free, high quality child care to the people of Georgia. Stacey is also against the privatization of public schools, and has promised to never allow the privatization of public schools. She is also a proponent of bringing child mental health services to every child in Georgia. She has promised to provide more government programs to help pay for student tuition for college in Georgia.

Healthcare: Stacey has been a proponent of healthcare for all, and wants to expand Medicaid in the State of Georgia. She is pro-choice, and more funding for mental health research in Georgia.


  • Former President Jimmy Carter
  • Former President Barack Obama
  • American Federation of Government Employees
  • Black Economic Alliance
  • Feminist Majority Political Action Committee
  • And 50+ More Found