Hurricane Michael’s Path of Destruction

Hurricane Michael's Path of Destruction

Jake Gant, Staff Writer

Tropical Storm Michael has strengthened into a hurricane, and here is what to know:

  • It is headed north in the Caribbean Sea
  • It will be a major threat to the Northeast Gulf in Florida by Wednesday night
  • Storm surge and damaging winds are likely to ravage the coast of Northwest Florida

The storm path goes through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. According to the National Hurricane Center it will continue to move up the eastern American coast. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has declared a state of emergency as they brace for possibly devastating results.

Wind speeds could be more than 110 miles per hour as it hits Northwest Florida.

The most devastating part of the storm, predicted to be a Category 4, is expected to hit the city of Tallahassee, Florida and work its way through the state of Georgia. As Michael moves through Georgia it is expected to have wind speeds of 39-73 mph, which has triggered a state of emergency from Governor Nathan Deal in 92 Georgia counties.

Warnings and evacuations have been issued in Florida, but preparations elsewhere in Florida and the rest of the south are underway. Andrew Gillum, Mayor of Tallahassee and Candidate for Governor of Florida has made sure there are two locations in the city where residents will be able to pick up sandbags as a preparation for Michael. “While the impacts are still uncertain, our area could experience increased wind activity and heavy rainfall, which could cause localized flooding and downed trees,” Tallahassee officials said in a statement.