Teen Titans, No (?)


Cody Brown, Staff Writer

The Teen Titans, is a show about superpowered outcasts who don’t belong while working together to not only protect their city, and aiding each other in their struggles. I remember watching the original Teen Titans show when I was a kid and being glued to the TV, so why don’t I feel the same for the “New” Teen Titans?

Teen Titans aired in 2003 as a show that brought not only kick butt action, but relatable characters and development. The show perfectly balanced action, comedy, and storytelling all into one. As a kid I loved characters such as Raven, Cyborg and even the side characters Plus y menos. What I liked about the show was that it felt like we saw new faces every other time and I was always waiting to see who would show up next. The show aired for 3 years, ending on a cliffhanger in late 2005, and left fans hungry for more. After years of begging and pleading, DC nation filled our hungry bellies with… Teen Titans Go.

Teen Titans Go, airing in April 2013, is a retelling of the the Teen Titans with a focus more on gross-out humor and quick jokes. The show was obviously designed to fit in with the new TV trend and appeal to a younger audience, and I’ll give them props for that. DC is trying to excite their younger audience with fun jokes and bright cool characters. Teen Titans Go has just released it first feature movie, “Teen Titans GO! To the Movies,” and the scores for it were overall very nice. When complaining about the show, fans thought that it was too childish and nothing like the original.

Skip forward to 2018 and DC has announced the return of the beloved heroes, but this time, in a more “mature” way. Titans, said to air later this year is yet another retelling of the Teen Titans. The live action show will

follow the same plot of the original show, but with a darker, more serious tone.

On July 19, 2018, DC dropped their first trailer to the show, and it was very disappointing. The acting was off, the CGI was really horrible and let’s not forget the notorious “F*** Batman” comment. Overall the trailer felt more like a 13 year old’s bedroom rather than a gritty TV show. Fans have already lost interest in what could have been an amazing series. So what went wrong?

DC has taken a gamble on bringing back the Teen Titans, and so far it hasn’t panned out. The problem with these new Titans isn’t their fault at all. The problem is coming from the fans. Now I agree, Teen Titans Go is childish and Titans just looks bad, but if it weren’t named Teen Titans, we wouldn’t care. The name of the Teen Titans has become so soaked in nostalgia that it’s hard to give these new shows a second chance.

When the idea was mentioned in my class about this article, everyone had told me that they loved the old Teen Titans and then went on to explain their hatred for the newer shows. My entire 4th period has almost promised they won’t be watching Titans any time soon.

Sure Teen Titans Go is for children, but right now that’s what kids are into. Titans is made to fit in with the DC trending series Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl. Now after all the hatred, DC has hinted at a possible season 6 of the original show, so we raise the question, will we still love the show, or has our memory already ruined it for us?

I do want to defend DC one last time. Between Teen Titans Go and Titans there was a movie made called Justice League Vs. Teen Titans, a movie based on, “What if the Devil possessed heroes such as Batman and Superman?” It’s by far my favorite movie and I highly recommend you check it out. So tell us, what do you think of the new Titans? What about the return of the old ones? Leave us a comment below to let us know.