Fun in the Sun

Cody Brown, Staff Writer

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Time, to this day we still have a hard time understanding it. It’s something so valuable, and so easy to lose. Time is precious, Time is life. That’s nice and all but with summer around the corner there are a lot of ways you could be using your time. So today, I’ve put together a list of ways to waste your time.

One of the best parts about break is traveling and that brings us to number one: go somewhere. Why sit on your phone at home all day when you could do that in the mountains or by the beach? Honestly though, there are so many places you could be this summer. I personally love going to Helen, Georgia and just hanging out with my friends and family. There are all sorts of places you could go like Savannah, Tennessee, or Florida. Anywhere’s better than texting in the dark.

If you don’t want to travel far then there are still plenty of activities you can do around town. The most popular after school possibility is visiting The Collections. There are so many different things to do, from watching a movie, to visiting Barnes and Noble, to getting a taco at Cheeky’s. While this is the most popular place there are still other awesome locations like Let’s Roll, a skating rink and tons of parks ranging from Fowler Park to Central Park. My favorite is to go to Movies 400 because I love their theater and the prices are reasonable.

Also, If you have the free time, why not join a club of sorts? I know clubs aren’t the most popular,  but they can still be a good pass time. There are many types of clubs available from community service possibilities, to arts and poetry, or a gym for working out. Many places are offering clubs and teams you can join. Plus, it gives you a peek into something completely new. Go out and try something, I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

Now that we’re wrapping up the article I’m going to read your minds and tell you exactly what most of you will be doing. Watching Netflix, binging Netflix, Snapchatting, going to The Collections, going to the beach, taking pics at the beach, sleeping in all day,  staying up all night and finally… working. Did I call it? Let me know in the comments below.

 So this summer, let’s make it stand out. Let’s take a break from the phones and make some memories that will last forever. I am Cody Brown- thanks for tuning in and happy summer to all of you!