The Mighty Burger King: Is It Really That Far From the Throne?

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The Mighty Burger King: Is It Really That Far From the Throne?

Cody Brown, Staff Writer

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Back in 1953, two men by the names of Keith J. Kramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns bought the rights to two insta-broilers that were used for making Burgers. Since then the company has been bought out and turned into the corporate chain known as the “Burger King.”

Burger King has always had a grand title, although the menu options are a little far fetched. The Burger King on 598 Atlanta Highway has been around for several years now, but has it kept up the title of King?

The Burger King on 598 Atlanta Highway has done a good job keeping up a review score of 3.8 on Google Maps. The score is accumulated by people who visit and rate these locations, so some restaurants may have a lower score because of the lack of reviews. In the local area,  it has one of the highest review scores tying with Chick-fil-a, and doing better that Panera, Chili’s, and Applebee’s.

The only restaurants in the area with higher scores are Los Rios, Giorgio’s and Cracker Barrel, which aren’t even fast food establishments. This score is important because it shows local data of the surrounding restaurants. It’s true that score is on a smaller scale, but that information is perfect when talking about a small scale area.

The menu of a restaurant is always different, but at Burger King, it’s pretty straight consistent. Sure you have some odd balls like PBJs, Chicken Frys, and the notorious Mac n’ Cheetos; however, the focus of course is their burgers. The Whopper is their signature burger. At first glance it seems like just another Big Mac, but that’s far from the truth. Burger King’s Whopper is a flame grilled patty with tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles and a wonderful sauce as well. It outshines the Big Mac by showing that you don’t have to have a big burger to pack a big punch. The flavor is great and definitely something to come back for, as is the rest of the menu.

When you walk into the restaurant, it’s what you would hope of any restaurant. The dining area is very clean and the bathrooms are easily accessed. The inside is nice, but the drive through is the lifeline of any fast food restaurant. The drive through is just as appealing visually but the service and the speed are what really count.

Lunch rush is difficult for any restaurant but Burger King actually handles this very well, keeping their lines flowing and their food still warm when you get there. No, it’s not perfect and sometimes they’ll leave out some food, but the times that has happened are few and far between, much better than other local restaurants like the Taco Bell which always seems to have one thing missing from your purchase.

When it comes to employees, Burger King has done a good job of hiring individuals who can commit to their jobs and show great service. There have been complaints in the past about certain employees blasting their music during lunch hours or other weird shenanigans, on different blogs and google maps but none as of recent (recent, being the past few months).

This isn’t just a problem at Burger King as many restaurants have had bad employees. To fix this I would recommend managers be a little more involved with their employees, not in regards to standing over them but in keeping them as work oriented as possible. Personally, I have never heard anything too outlandish, and believe that these kids can keep it together throughout the work hours, despite what some other customers have complained about in the past. 

Overall the Burger King on 598 Atlanta Highway was a nice experience. Sure, it wasn’t anything truly stellar, but it definitely stands out from the surrounding crowd. They have maintained a great status and have made a greater reputation for themselves. When it comes to burgers they may not be kings, but they are still enough to satisfy.