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Flow Gods of Forsyth

Luke Lindsey, Staff Writer

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   The Pony Tail Tales

There’s an underground society at Central, a club not mentioned, tied together by hair ties, dreads, and braids. A commonality amongst few that transcends social barriers and cliques; a community derived from a shared love of obtaining luscious locks. Jacob Shimmons and I have come together, taking on the notion to write this article, bringing light to the dark, attention to this incredible bond amongst these boys who are known as the Flow Gods of Central High.

Three weeks to date, Jacob ran into me in the bathroom and kindled this burning idea that would end up as the article you are reading now. It went like this; he walked into the men’s room on D hall at about eleven a.m., third period, and I looked up from the urinal. We made eye contact and he stood one urinal away from me, maintaining the bro code (Unspoken rule number one of the men’s room: never stand next to another man while you pee if you don’t have to). Respect level between us rises at this point by a couple degrees. I was washing my hands and caught a glimpse of him running his fingers through his long, curly mane. We made eye contact for the second time.

“Hey, you’re in journalism,” he commented, breaking the silence. “Yeah I am,” I replied, a bit curious about where this was heading. “We should write an article on the Flow Gods of Central,” he suggested. The words that left his lips hit my ears like a sonic boom. As a former flow veteran myself, this request struck me at my deepest core. “This is definitely going to happen,” I replied with crisp certainty, assuring him of his idea.

And here we are, highlighting the finest locks at FCHS, starting with Luke Bailey, a former Flow God who had recently snipped his lovely tresses to accommodate a shorter, cleaner look. When his dusty golden, dirty blonde hair was at peak length, Luke had grown a special breed of mane, one that leaves the question in the mind of any bystander watching him walk by as it dances: how long was it really?

It looked merely shoulder length and quite normal when glanced at, but had deceptive little curls that hid amongst the forest of wondrous golden strands, lying to the eyes that lay upon it, not in any devious manner, but with more of a playful intent at that. When he would walk and it would bounce, and when he had it back under his lacrosse helmet, it would momentarily straighten most of what hid beneath. At instances like these, one could catch a glimpse of the beauty that Luke had the patience to acquire. After long practices, sweaty and fulfilled by hours of labor, he would climb into a conclusive shower before bed. “I would always use the… what’s it called… Old Spice shampoo and conditioner mix,” said Luke during our interview. “My hair would somehow straighten itself.” Luke said it would reach “below the nipple” at times when run under water. An outstanding achievement noted for any Flow God or Vet.

Michael Gutierrez: a junior at Central High has significantly lengthy and curly black hair that can catch the eye of anyone who has an appreciation for hair with personality. His story begins at the age of

10 years young, at a swimming pool in the summertime with his older brother who was 17, taking a quick dip to cool down from the thick, Georgian haze that engulfs the greenhouse city of Cumming in our oven-like dog days. The long and lightweight hair of his brother spread about his head like a sunflower as he floated on his back, eyes closed, soaking in the sun blanket. His silky locks, rays of flowing sunshine themselves, like snaky, waving hands in the water greeting any eye that lay upon him, inevitably caught Michael’s curiosity. He watched its movement with wonder. “I kind of want that,” he decided, and so he began his journey.

 Two years ago, during the summer of his sophomore year, his hair reached notable length. His aunt picked up on how it was oftentimes difficult for Michael to brush his hair and suggested he try straightening it to see if it would work better for him, but he was a little on the fence about it. Having made a decision at last, it ended up happening, and his straightened hair remained flat for three long and regretful months, laying in a way that he wished it wouldn’t during the hot and humid season. “It was the worst decision I’ve ever made.” It eventually returned to its normal state before school that year. Today, his hair is shoulder-length and wonderfully curly and natural. Michael has acquired quite a head of hair that many aspire to emulate, and his curls draw the eye in such a pleasant way that you can’t help but think to yourself, “I kind of want hair like that.”

The Other Side

To further dive into the world of Flow, I consulted Maya and Emma, two colleagues of mine, who agreed to provide a pure insight on the matter from an alternate perspective.


Maya – I like it (Flow), as long as it’s not too long.


LL- What’s too long?


Emma: Past the shoulder.

LL: Except for Dalton Edmonds’ hair.


Emma: His looks good.


Maya: Yeah, it depends. Long hair can either make or break a guy, short hair too.  It just depends, some guys just walk into a salon and see a picture and think, “Oh that’ll look good on me” and ge


t it and then it looks weird.


Emma: I don’t know how often you guys wash your hair or whatever, but if you guys have longer hair and you don’t wash your hair that much it gets really greasy and really visible and it’s kind of gross.


LL: Most guys I know keep up their hair pretty well, but my hair stylist used to tell me stories of guys who would come in with hair that hadn’t been washed in days and she would be so grossed out until she washed it.


Emma: When the whole man bun trend was going around, my parents hated it so much, but I thought it was cool, again, it had to have been reasonable, but like, I would walk around and see people trying it out and have it shaved on the side and the long hair on the top.


From the interview, it’s taken that the Flow Gods of Forsyth Central actually put a massive amount of care into their patiently-acquired manes, and it shows; they are in fact appreciated, not only by other bros, but also colleagues in day-to-day passings. There are requirements to be met, and simple ones at that, to ensure that your hair is at its peak eye-catching ability. As for everyone, short hair and long hair alike, we must wash and clean ourselves to really reach our full lush potential.


The Alternate Stories: 

Many of the Flow Gods here at Central have actually grown their wonderful achievements with alternative intent other than just a desire for a fresh, lovely look.

With luscious hair like Luke’s, how could someone decide to “do the chop”? Two reasons. Before we go into the details of the fateful day when his flow had reached its end, we must ask ourselves, why even grow it in the first place? We all have our reasons, those of us who understand the importance of flow, the community following it, the bond it creates between you and the world around you. Luke initially committed to growing it out to donate his hair to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, but had to cut it earlier than he would have liked to be in regulation for military enlistment. “At the time I cut it I didn’t think it was long enough to donate and I was thinking, well crap I’ve been growing it out for so long. But then they called me and said they donated it!”

This month, Michael will be donating his hair to the St. Baldrick’s foundation to help fund research for cancer and to provide virgin hair that could be used for making wigs for those who are  undergoing chemotherapy

“I have to raise some money and by the day that I send out my hair which is like, March 18th, ten days before my birthday. I’m shaving it all off and giving it to cancer patients.”  A friend of Michael’s sister was diagnosed with cancer and her mom shaves her head every year and donates to the foundation. Through her, Michael found out about what he’s now doing. “It’s kind of scary because I really like my long hair, and it’s kind of hard to go away from it, but I want to do it because it’s not exactly like cutting it all off, it’s going somewhere.” Michael needs to raise two grand by March 18th, even the smallest donations will help tremendously. You can give through his donation link posted below:






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