Are Odell Beckham Jr. and Tom Brady Comparable?


Maya Hogan, Staff Writer

In December, Odell Beckham Jr. posted a video comparing his sideline bursts to those of Tom Brady; in other words, comparing himself to the NFL “GOAT,” (Greatest Of All Time) while he, himself is currently partying on yachts and Brady is preparing for the Super Bowl for a chance to win a 6th game.       

Naturally, people have a strong reaction to the idea of a player who has only been in the NFL for a few seasons pointing out similarities between him and one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, future hall of famer, and a 5 time Super Bowl winner, but there are two sides to the controversy.

Many sports people have called Odell “delusional” or “immature,”while many others believe that despite his immaturity regarding the situation, he will most likely have a future somewhat similar to that of Brady, considering he is still fairly new to the NFL and a considerably good wide receiver at the moment.

Al Bello
at MetLife Stadium on November 23, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The content of the video itself, is a collection of both Brady and Beckham’s angry player moments; when Beckham loses control he is subjected to an abundance of criticism, while Brady’s hot headed moments are classified as a sign of passion and competitiveness for the sport. Odell was attempting to point this out and the fact that they aren’t as different as people perceive them to be, but his endeavor to do this while also having respect for Tom Brady was taken into the wrong context.

The caption was complementary to Brady as he is addressed as the “GOAT” and OBJ states that he is chasing him to victory; in other words, Odell is expressing that Brady is a player he looks up to and hopes to be like one day.

After an extensive amount of whiplash acquired by the receiver through social media, Antonio Cromartie tweeted a claim that settled the confusion on what OBJ truly meant by the posted video, he states, “First off he’s not comparing himself to Brady. What he’s implying [is that] he’s playing with the same passion as Brady and has the same fire but he’s label[ed] differently. It doesn’t matter how long @OBJ_3 has been in league. The only thing he wants to do is win.”  

In the football world, Tom Brady can essentially do anything he wants, Just like in the NBA, LeBron James can do anything he pleases. When a player is the GOAT of their sport, they are going to get a pass on all sorts of things including poor behavior. Even when Michael Jordan owned the NBA, there were “The Jordan Rules.”

People do not have to agree that this is the way things should be, but when a player has a track record that Jordan, LeBron, and Brady have as winners, leaders, and MVPs,  there is going to be a separate set of rules for them to follow opposed to other players, such as Beckham, who haven’t achieved enough greatness to be granted leeway.

When looking back on the video Beckham posted which casually advertises plenty of bad moments he has had on the field such as fights, drops, and 15 yard penalties, it is entirely clear that he and Brady have similar behavior during their playing time, but they both face different reactions from their viewers.

Perhaps the words “delusional” and “immature” were used incorrectly by various people on their opinions of the controversy, but the fact that no NFL player, including Beckham, should expect the same coverage as a five time Super Bowl winner ,who is the best player in his sport at the moment, still stands.