Laney Kronz


Emma Harding, Staff Writer

Laney Kronz



Laney Kronz is a young, amiable, dedicated student here at Forsyth Central High School. Though she is only a sophomore this year, she has already made quite the first impression. Despite the fact that she may seem shy and to herself, she can really show you who’s boss on the track.

Laney, age 16,  is the youngest in her family, with an older brother who is a senior at Central, and an older sister. She loves the people here and the atmosphere that comes along with it. Many of her friends would describe her as a smart, funny, hardworking, kind soul who is very easy to get along with. She strives to do well in all of her classes and sets goals for herself which allow her to  improve as time goes on. She participates in clubs around the school such as DECA and FLOOD. When asked how she saw herself as a student she commented, “Diligent in a way. I’m not naturally a genius but I’ll try hard and get stuff done.”

When she was younger, Kronz did gymnastics for seven years. She says her experience as a gymnast has given her an advantage in track. “Whenever I raced,” she said, “it was easier compared to other kids because of my flexibility.” Being in a sport is prevalent in her family, especially track since her dad did hurdles and long jump in college. Laney has been competing in track since 5th grade but found her calling in hurdles in 7th grade. For Laney, 300m hurdles are her main focus but she also does compete in the 100m hurdles, long jump and high jump. In order to stay in shape all year long, her dad helps train her during the off-season, she runs on Forsyth Central’s cross country team and she competes in smaller competitions during the summer.   She expressed that her dad is her driving factor in life. She says that he helps push her to new limits and is thankful for him to be so involved.

Last year, Laney won the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles for County and Region. She revealed that if she had competed in long jump for region she could have ended up at state, but it was only her first time doing long jump. She then moved on to Sectionals where she placed 8th in both the 100m and 300m hurdles, with times of 16.32 seconds for the 100m hurdles and 48.55 seconds for the 300m hurdles.

By the time the State championship came around, Laney was becoming more recognized around school for being the outstanding freshman track star. Though Laney said state was an “intense environment,” she fought hard and  placed close to top 10 for her competitions. For the 100m hurdles, she placed 13th and for the 300m hurdles, she placed 16th, which is still extremely well for being the only freshman to compete amongst the other student athletes. “State was a really cool experience,” she said, “because I was probably the smallest one there for sure.” She said that it’s something she is looking forward to again this year.

Track has changed Laney Kronz’s life and though she may not know what she wants to do in college, she knows for sure that she wants to go far and keep improving her times. “Since I was a freshman last year, I don’t know if my times will get better but I’ve trained a lot more this year and have improved my form a lot,” she stated. She plans to balance school and track a little more wisely this year to receive better grades than last year, while still being involved in other school clubs. She finished our interview off with inlook as to what her goal for this year is, saying, “My goal is to work hard and do it all for God’s glory.”