Student Spotlight: Baila Edwards

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Student Spotlight: Baila Edwards

Cody Brown, Staff Writer

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Baila Edwards

Grade: 11

Age: 16

Baila shares her talents with the world.

Baila Edwards is a junior at Forsyth Central who shows students that anything is possible. She is a hard worker who has her future planned ahead of her. Baila is an actor, Junior Einstein and police officer in training. She is a shining star for the world and this is her story.

Baila was born on May 18th, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a little brother who was born 3 years later. His name is Seaton. They both have lived here in the South their whole lives. After her first summer camp, 4-H became a huge part of her life. It continued to provide a positive learning experience through her first year of high school. During middle school, she was very involved in theatre and she enjoyed dance. She still remains a part of 
the theatre community. She started taekwondo at the age of 4 and has kept up with it ever since. She earned her 3rd degree black belt at the age of 12 and she will have to wait to earn her 4th until she is 18. She still embraces values learned from her ATA (American Taekwondo Association) training in her day-to-day life.

Last year Baila was a leader in TSA (Technology Student Association), a club that allows students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). During her time as a leader, the president was many times noticeably absent. Baila took initiative by working together with her peers to organize timelines for how to get their task completed. Though it may have not been her role, she stepped up to the podium and took charge.

Outside of school, Baila is a member of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Explorers Program, which is an organization designed to teach teens how to become junior officers. Baila has been in the program for about 9 months and has recently been promoted from her previous role to a Lieutenant. Though Baila is not always a leader, she always took the initiative to lead. She believes the best way to lead somebody is not by force, but by finding common ground and working through their jobs and har

dships. “One of the best ways to go about leading is as a team. Two minds are always better than one.” She demonstrates this many times through her training scenarios and does an outstanding job.

As of right now, Baila Edwards is in TSA, Taekwondo, Beta Club, FCSO Explorer Program, and Drama. We asked Baila how she manages all of these tasks while doing the rest of her daily activities. Baila eagerly explains that she owns a planner that has everything written out for her: what classes she has, her homework, her free time, everything is scheduled. Her schedule is outlined in a very visual way where she can see what she needs to get done and when they are. She believes if you can visually see your goals, you can be mentally prepared.

Jinha Kaplan is one of Baila’s closest friends. Jinha agrees, “Although Baila is humble, she can’t deny that she has always been a great leader and a great friend who I can call on. I’m proud that Baila has gotten this far and I can only hope she’ll get even better. All around, she’s a pretty solid dude.”

With Baila being as successful as she is, I had to ask her what her motivation was. Baila said,“I wish I could say it was only me, but it never is. You always need a family who will be supportive of you and your dreams. Not just a blood family, but a family of friends,” and that’s a very true statement. It should never be just about what we can do by ourselves. It’s what we do as a team in life that counts.

Compassionate girl. Brilliant student. Talented individual. Baila Edward’s future is bright and she is eager and prepared. “One team, One family.”