Welcome Back Bulldogs!

Emma Harding, Staff Writer

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As we move into the third week of school, many students here at Forsyth Central High School have set their expectations for what this school year should bring and it is looking great!

There have already been many wins for Central’s sports team, great club kickoffs around campus, and electrifying talks on the amazing new things to expect this year from Forsyth Central High school. The school wide student elections have been the latest buzz around campus and many of the  upperclassmen have really made a great first impression on the newly arrived freshman.

Elizabeth Appleton and Sydney LeBeouf

While talking to some of the freshmen around the school, many said that the school isn’t as bad as they thought it was going to be. When asked what the most exciting thing you are looking forward to this year, Dylan Snyder, who is a freshman, said, “The most exciting thing i am looking forward to this year is playing football and being around Central’s friendly atmosphere.” He also made the comment that he was looking forward to gaining more knowledge throughout his entire high school experience.

Countless students have expressed their love for their classes this year as surprising as that may be. Two sophomores, Elizabeth Appleton and Sydney LeBouef, said they are adjusting well to being back to school and love all of their teachers so far. “School isn’t overwhelming but there isenough to keep me focused,” commented Elizabeth. When asked if they had any big plans this year, Sydney LeBouef said “I plan to get more involved in school this year, especially in DECA. Last year I realized just how much I gained from being in the club. I think it could really benefit me if I stay involved.”

Omar Seve and friends

Staying involved is very important for high school, so make sure you explore what club, activities, or sports best suit you to make your high school experience the best. Omar Seye, who is another sophomore this year, said, “I feel more comfortable at Central this year since I know more people. Last year I had just moved into the area and didn’t know anyone so that was kind of hard but meeting new people wasn’t difficult, especially at Central.”

If you asked any of the students here at Forsyth Central how friendly is the atmosphere, you will receive the same answer, which is that it’s super friendly.

Each year there are always new upperclassmen cycling through the school. Along with that come the timid freshmen who become scared to talk to the upperclassmen but one helpful Junior, ReesAnne Gentry, says that they have nothing to worry about. “Even though sometimes I can get a little irritated by the freshmen, I realize that I was once in their shoes at some point so I understand what they’re going through.”

Brittan Ragsdale and Ashley Olsen


When asked about high school, other than how she felt about the freshmen, ReesAnne said that she is looking forward to the discussion about college. She is “super excited” about how this year will play out and said that one of her personal goals this year is to “Stay involved while maintaining good grades” as well as “Keeping a positive outlook on school,” and to not get so down on herself. As a student athlete, ReesAnne has a lot to look forward to in her few years left here at Central.

Brittan Ragsdale and Ashley Olsen, who are quite the dynamic duo when it comes to volleyball, said that are saving the college talk for next year so they can focus and play the game and spending time with friends. Ashley made the comment that even though she is a junior this year she still feels like a freshman. This is the case for many of the juniors that i have talked to. They all say that they can’t believe how fast the time flies and some even say that they are really going to miss Central when it is their time to move on into

Kara Straub

As the freshmen are only beginning their long high school experiences, there are some students whose high school experience will be coming to an end this year. For senior Bradlee Brooks baseball is his main focus. He made the comment “Even though senior year feels bittersweet, I plan on living it to the fullest.”

Brad’s main goal this year is to participate in more student activities, especially in the stands, and to help push Central’s baseball team to win the state championship this year. He voiced his plans on continuing baseball in college saying that he is realy going to miss his teammates a lot, but is ready for the next step.

Coach Jeremiah Walker

Though there are quite a few seniors who are already planning what they are going to do after high school, some say they just want to live in the moment and worry about all of that stress later, Kara Straub, Forsyth Central senior. While the students are the main topic of discussion when talking about school, I decided to ask a few of the teachers how they were feeling about being back in school. Mr. Walker, who teaches 10th grade Honors Literature and coaches wrestling in the winter, said that he is “Incredibly excited” about how this year will turn out.

With 7 years under his belt here at Central, Coach Walker knows that each group of students that he receives is unique in their own way. He made the comment “You can never predict what it will be like”, which is very true. He also spoke about how easy it is to come to work and how much he is looking
forward to focusing on the blessing it is to interact with his students.

So far this school year has been off to a fantastic start and many  students don’t seem to be complaining. As a student myself, I am really looking forward to all the things that are in store for Forsyth Central. I hope you are too.