Beast Mode Makes a Comeback


Maya Hogan , Staff Writer

Former Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch, who retired after the 2016 super bowl, has recently come back to the NFL after his one year absence. The athlete was said to have signed a two year deal in his hometown with the Oakland Raiders. The deal was signed after he returned from his mission trip to Haiti where he gave back to the community during his retirement. The main obstacle for Lynch when coming out of his “break” was passing the rigorous physical, which he accomplished this year.

Marshawn tweeted, “I had hella fun in Seattle… but I’m really from Oakland.” The pro bowler returned from Haiti not too long ago, while in Haiti he built houses and schools with Seahawks Cliff Arvil and Michael Bennet for families who had lost everything during hurricane Matthew. Arvil made a pact to build one house for every sack of the 2016 season, and brought along Lynch and Bennett to help keep his word.

The homes and schools that were built, are made to endure future natural disasters; the hope is that Lynch and his teammates’ work will  not only help the survivors right now,  but also save the lives of people in other tragic, natural events that may occur in Haiti.

The Cliff Arvil foundation sponsored the construction of said houses and schools for the under-privileged children of Haiti. The men also started a football camp to bring joy and athleticism to the people. It is fully equipped with both a permanent and mobile medical clinics to not only benefit the children participating in the camp, but also their families.

While opening up about the trip itself and Marshawn, Cliff Arvil states, “They couldn’t even really speak English, but they knew how to say ‘Beast Mode.’” The impact of Marshawn on the children of this camp is astounding considering the fact that American football is not popular and like Arvil said, they don’t even speak English, but were able to recognize the athlete as the beast he is.

Marshawn Lynch’s former teammate Cliff Arvil also shares about the type of person Lynch is. He states “On his 31st birthday, he’s in Haiti helping people. So for me, out of respect and appreciation, I wanted to throw him a party. He didn’t know about it, so we threw him a surprise dinner. And Marshawn hates the element of cameras and stuff, but he was very appreciative. And I appreciate him.” Lynch explains that he wouldn’t have wanted to spend his birthday any other way.  Through Marshawn’s acts of kindness in Haiti as well as his attitude on the field, it can be see that he is considerate person who believes in helping others before himself.

Upon returning back to the United States, there were no celebrations on Lynch’s part until the deal was sealed between the Seahawks and Raiders. The Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr along with the rest of the team are excited to play alongside “Beast Mode,” Marshawn Lynch. Max Unger states, “He’s the best teammate anybody could ask for,” Lynch is also said to be the life of the party as well as a great team player, so we can assume that he will make a great addition to the Oakland Raiders.

During the whole action of coming back to the NFL, leaving Haiti, saying goodbye to the people he met while giving back, and the welcome backs on the field, people recognized that “beast mode” was coming home with a bang.

He talked about his accomplishments in Haiti and what he hopes his fans get out of it, he states, “If you are in your everyday life, and you feel like you just accomplished something big that you had going on, then it’s Beast Mode. It’s an accomplishment, that you put yourself through something to get something better out of it. I feel that that’s Beast Mode.” With this Lynch hopes his fans will learn to appreciate themselves and their own accomplishments, so they too can be “Beast Mode.”

The preseason season has begun and will only get better from here; make sure to keep an eye on the star running back. Beast Mode is predicted to gain 1000 yards in 12 games this season. He has rapidly become the Raiders most popular player because of his offseason work in Haiti and on the field. However, his return home will only make him the legacy of Oakland if what he does on the field during this 2017 season is as amazing as what he did off the field before hand.

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