Modern Day Religion

Kealy Ford, Editor in Chief

America was first colonized by the Puritans, a strict, oppressive religion that valued modesty and homogeneous worship. Their faith was challenged by dissenters who were banished from the colony, and the religious tolerance that America is known for blossomed.  Society, however, now finds itself on the opposite side of the spectrum- worshiping celebrities with as much fervor as people once worshiped God.

Many people believe the Kardashian-Jenners are America’s equivalent of the royal family. Now why would the land of innovation and intellectual challenge place a family with no talent or intellectual capacity on a pedestal? Americans fawn over their hair, their makeup, their curves, and yet, the Kardashians have gifted society with nothing more than inane entertainment.

While some would argue that the Kardashians have challenged body expectations of the early 2000s, the family has merely implemented their own. Being scarily thin was “in style” which was detrimental to young girls’ health. Although the Kardashians loosened these expectations, their curves became the next “style,” leaving young girls hopelessly dreaming of the thick thighs, large bust and bottom, round hips, and flat stomach that can only be achieved with superfluous money.

Young girls are impressionable, and the Kardashians’ flaunting immaculate bodies, sprawling mansions, and insurmountable wealth has not improved the mindset of the average American.

Kim Kardashian’s controversial “Kimoji Candle”

Kim Kardashian West has gone as far to compare herself to the Virgin Mary, a religious icon of virtue. She released her newest Kimoji set, a collection of Kardashian themed emojis, and one of them was an image of her depicted as the Virgin Mary. She even sold a religious candle with the image printed on it on her website, alongside her other products of marijuana paraphernalia and a pool float in the shape of her bottom.

This was met with much controversy, but Kim Kardashian West, unfazed, stepped out of  the Little Next Door Restaurant in Los Angeles in a skin tight, short, sheer black dress with the Virgin Mary printed on her bust. It seems the Kardashians are aware of their god-like status in America, and as sad as it is, these women are embracing their toxicity rather than attempting humility.

Kim Kardashian seen wearing a dress with the Virgin Mary.

There are plenty of people to admire in this country. Great innovators work tirelessly to pay for college everyday. Talented, dedicated singers work two jobs in New York to pay their rent, attending auditions everyday in hopes that their hard work may one day pay off. Even other celebrities rose to fame because of their work ethic and talent. It is time that America stops “keeping up with the Kardashians” and other celebrities and focuses more on the attributes that really matter in a person. There is more meaning to the world than makeup and tight clothes. This family has only made people forget that.