Samaritan Spotlight: Give The Gift of Giving

Samaritan Spotlight: Give The Gift of Giving

Shauna Benning, Staff Writer

As we go about our journey of life, we tend to forget about other people and their struggles. We overlook the everyday necessities that would be a luxury for some, like clean drinking water, food, or education. Yes, we need to be more aware, but just realizing the problem does not create a solution. Amy Churchill, Director of Operations for Just One Africa is not only spreading awareness to the problems poverty creates in Africa, but creating a lasting impact that is fixing the problem. Just One Africa is a Organization that provides resources, industries, and emotional healing to the people of Africa.

Mrs. Churchill doesn  ’t just want to find a temporary solution, but a lasting impact. She wants to create industry that the Kenyan people can successfully sustain on their own.  Her and her team are devoted to helping the Kenyan people find ways to better themselves financially and emotionally. She has helped to create bakeries, schools, and helped widows to create a farming industry that provide money for them and their children. She even provides emotional healing to girls who have been victims of gender inequality and female genital mutilation. She offers a safe haven for these girls to get counseling and education to improve their self esteem. She listens to the needs of the people and works tirelessly to make it happen. She doesn’t try to take over, but she works closely with the people to meet their needs.

The dedication that Mrs. Churchill has to not only the African communities, but her own community is very impressive. When she isn’t in Africa, she is going around to schools and teaching them how to be globalized citizens. She goes around to schools in the area and aids them in making bracelets which serve as a fundraising opportunity for the Just one Africa. She is gathering up other people in our community to make a real difference. Getting children to get into the spirit of charity can often be a difficult task due to our fast paced society where we are constantly thinking about our personal wants. She has provided a fun way to raise money that people actually enjoy being a part of. Some schools in our local area have even created clubs in which they string the bracelets together and sell them. Want to know the special thing about these bracelets? The beads are made by the African women of the Masai tribe with recycled paper! That is incredibly unique and impressive. It is amazing how Mrs. Churchill is able to bring together people on two different continents to work together for the greater good of humanity.

These bracelets would be a great idea for a Christmas gift because you wouldn’t only be giving a gift to your family or friends, but you would also be making a difference for the African people. How amazing would it be to be able to know that you are making a lasting impact just from buying a bracelet? Whoever you decided to give the bracelet to would be so impressed by the story of the bracelet and feel as if they were making a difference to every time they wore it. The first time you give, you will instantly feel yourself getting wrapped up in the spirit of giving and you will get hooked, just like Mrs. Churchill. You will wake up everyday and ask yourself what can I do to make a difference. Giving back and helping others should be our ultimate goal as human beings because our compassion and love for one another is what sets us apart from other species.The Dalai Lama once said  “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.Mrs. Churchill lives this belief to the fullest and lives selflessly. Her dedication and determination to make a better world for the Kenyan people is something we should all look up to. If you want to get involved by donating money and time, or buying a bracelet, please go to: