My name is Matthew Hanley, though I prefer Matt. I don’t know why, to be entirely honest. Maybe it’s that I think Matthew is either too adult, or too childish. I probably got tired of hearing it once I graduated middle school, so I swapped to Matt. I am from Houston, Texas. Being from Texas, most people would assume that I share the loud, obtuse personalities that most Texans exude, but, they’d be wrong. I much prefer a quieter, slow-paced lifestyle. I hate, above all things, an overly complex lifestyle, and yet, I have a very complex personality. I hate busyness and anxiety, but I love the city and its vitality. I love calm, relaxed lives, but I hate the empty solitude of the countryside. I almost wish there were a combination of the two. I would be perfectly content living in the city and being able to wear cozy flannels and boots. When I was eight, my family moved to Georgia for my dad’s work. We settled in Forsyth, where I’ve been ever since. I have grown a lot in Forsyth, completing elementary, middle, and now high school here. I’ve discovered my love for writing and reading, and revealed my contempt for math and all things analytical. I’ve participated in many exciting programs and teams which have helped me grow as a person. I’ve attended Georgia Boys State, a selective state leadership program in which I was selected as one of four boys chosen to represent FCHS. I’ve served time on the county’s peer court system, acting as a youth representative for sentenced teens. I’ve taken the steps necessary to develop into a responsible adult by working multiple jobs here in Forsyth, from foodservice to retail. Now being an eighteen year old, I plan to graduate from FCHS and attend college to minor in journalism and major in mass communications. I hope to expand my writing skills, and grow to be a recognized photojournalist. It will take lots of work, but I look forward to the future and cannot wait to leave my house and learn more about myself and the world. There’s lots to see, and I want to see it all. I hope to help the Central Scene grow and develop before my time has come, and I anticipate its recognition.

Matthew Hanley, Editor in Chief

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