I was born July 9th 2001 into a small Jamaican family. Although I’ve done most of my growing in Georgia, I was born in New York. I’m in my sophomore year but don’t consider myself a sophomore snitch. I like to consider myself open minded, so in all honesty I find interest in a large variety of topics. If you catch me at a weird time I can be found listening to Sza, The Fugees, and Earl Sweatshirt, but usually I enjoy Kanye West, Travis Scott, and The Neighbourhood. I don’t like keeping to one genre of art. When it comes to TV, depending on my mood I like watching “Bates Motel,” “The Get Down,” “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” I joined journalism because I think our generation has smart ideas and actually cares about what goes on around us, but lacks a strong interesting source of information. I think a school newspaper can provide information that can unite the community, but also bring to light world topics. Although, I never find myself purposely turning on the TV solely to watch the news. Occasionally the news offers more than just boring violent/negative topics which I hope to be able to write about.

Madison Neath-Gordon, Staff Writer

Jan 25, 2017
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Sep 21, 2016
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