Hello, my name is Luke Lindsey and I believe people should drink more water. I am a Junior and my eyes are blue. I was born in the same hospital room as my sister one year and six days after she was born, which would be August 13, 2000. When I was a freshman, I set an anthill on fire and felt horrible about it because I swear I heard them screaming and all of the ants were charred and black by the time the fire was out. Also copper turns fire green. I really like coffee. Coffee and books. And movies. My hobbies include school, journalism, writing, music, people, and stargazing. I love the rain and I am also terrible at writing biographies. I have lived in Georgia since I was born, but moved to Cumming when I was three. I am passionate about stories almost all of my life, may they be written or photographed, painted or spoken, factual or fantasy. Consequently, writing always been a minor interest of mine, but I have yet to explore it until recently. I began writing poetry my freshman year; this sparked a curiosity in me for the potential of what words can do. When I heard about a journalism course sophomore year, I jumped on the opportunity. I may only be a month and a half through the course, but I already am in love with it. I’m anxious to see what the rest of the year has in store for my classmates and me.

Luke Lindsey, Staff Writer

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