My name is Josh Hafif and I am in 10th grade. I was born on November 24th, 2000. I went to Mashburn Elementary and Lakeside Middle School before coming to Central. During this time I moved three times, but remained in the same school district. I was born in Atlanta, and I have lived in Forsyth County for my entire life. The things I enjoy most are traveling, playing sports, and fishing. I also love seafood and fruit. My favorites from each of these categories include crab and pineapple. My hobbies include camping, hiking, and fishing, while my favorite sports are football, soccer, and basketball. I have played sports from a very young age, and I am a very competitive person. I began playing tackle football at five years old, and soccer at three. I continued playing these sports until I tore my ACL just before my 13th birthday. After getting surgery I started playing tennis, basketball, and track, and got back into playing soccer. I played tennis for Central in 2016 as a freshman. My favorite hobby is fishing, and in particular bass fishing. I enjoy it for the challenge and for the time that I spend outdoors. I have family all over the country so I get to frequently travel to places like California, New York, Florida, and West Virginia. This allows me to experience new places and cultures, and also fish for new species. When I am done with school, I would like to travel to as many different countries/places as possible and experience life in other parts of the world. One time I almost got eaten by an alligator, his name was Henry.

Josh Hafif, Staff Writer

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