I'm not your regular dude; I’m a cool dude. I was born on September 17 in Frederick, Maryland. My family moved down to Georgia when I was six. I really enjoy growing up in Georgia, because it is such a contrast to living up north. Although I don't remember much I still think of myself as a northerner. One of my many hobbies is collecting vinyl for my record player. There is something about just playing a song, about the imperfection that makes it feel warm and welcoming. My love for music goes beyond just liking music; I feel that music can transport me into a different place. There are certain albums that can take me back to a certain time when I listen to them. I just have such a passion for music. I am also inspired by the people in my life. Whether it is family or friends, I just have such a love for these people and I am blessed to have them. I couldn't be more grateful. So why journalism? The question is, why not? I mean why not be incorporated in such a brilliant form of self expression, and to help inform people about anything they want to know.

Jiries Hishmeh, Staff Writer

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