I’m a senior in the STEM Biotechnology pathway, but I’d rather spend my time reading books and telling stories than working in a lab. I’m a work-in-progress writer who loves encouraging people, watching Netflix, riding horses, and snuggling cats (in no particular order.) I’ve had writing featured in Central’s literary magazine, and currently there is a paper of mine at the courthouse, inside of a time capsule containing representations of life in Forsyth County from 2015. I placed first at the 2016 GHSA Regional Literary Competition in the rhetorical essay division-- my goal this school year is to place at the state level. I blog about my life occasionally, on a personal, faith-based platform, and have always thought it would be neat to do as a profession. Though my college plans are yet to be decided, my dream is to work in a career that allows me to write from home, surrounded by family, pets, and empty coffee cups.

Erin Tozier, Editor in Chief

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