I’m Emily Corwin, and I am a junior at Forsyth Central High School.  This is my second year in newspaper, and I am an editor-in-chief.  I decided to be a part of our school newspaper/literary magazine because I wish to pursue a career in journalism after I graduate.  I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and I have lived in Henry County, Cherokee County, and Fulton County.  I run cross country and play soccer, and I love to read and write.   I have moved around Georgia a lot; I lived in Henry County for about nine years, I moved to Cherokee County and lived there for five years, and I have lived in Fulton County for two years.  I really enjoy being at Forsyth Central High School because there are so many different career paths and clubs to choose from, and everyone is friendly and accepting.  I believe our newspaper/literary magazine will grow to become an important and popular part of our school. I have always loved to read and write stories since I was about four years old.  I used to draw comics and make fake newspapers, and I loved to read any book I could find lying around.  I joined the literary magazine my freshman year because I wanted to share my stories and get some exposure.  I joined our newspaper sophomore year, where the staff consisted of three seniors and our teacher taught a computer tech group at the same time.  We weren’t as popular with the school and we didn’t always stay on top of updating the website, but newspaper quickly became my favorite class.  Journalism has become one of my favorite classes this year, and I hope that our newspaper and literary magazine become more popular than before.

Emily Corwin, Editor in Chief

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