2016-2017 Staff

Jiries Hishmeh

Staff Writer

I'm not your regular dude; I’m a cool dude. I was born on September 17 in Frederick, Maryland. My family moved down to Georgia when I was six. I really enjoy growing up in Georgia, because it is such a contrast to living up...

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Taylor Hackney

Staff Writer

I was born in Virginia on December 24 with my twin brother Tyler. My family moved to Georgia almost a decade ago. We lived all around Georgia before we finally settled down in Cumming. Family, friends, and music are what...

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Madison Neath-Gordon

Staff Writer

I was born July 9th 2001 into a small Jamaican family. Although I’ve done most of my growing in Georgia, I was born in New York. I’m in my sophomore year but don’t consider myself a sophomore snitch. I like to consider myself...

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Josh Hafif

Staff Writer

My name is Josh Hafif and I am in 10th grade. I was born on November 24th, 2000. I went to Mashburn Elementary and Lakeside Middle School before coming to Central. During this time I moved three times, but remained in the same...

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Erin Tozier

Editor in Chief

I’m a senior in the STEM Biotechnology pathway, but I’d rather spend my time reading books and telling stories than working in a lab. I’m a work-in-progress writer who loves encouraging people, watching Netflix, riding horses,...

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McKenzie See-Holbrook

Staff Writer

My name is McKenzie. I was born on January 29th in Alpharetta, Georgia. I have two sisters (14 and 20). My father adopted my 20 year old sister when she was 3 years old and she always jokes that our father chose to love her, but...

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Delaney Whalen

Layout Editor

I am a sophomore. I enjoy fashion, painting, the movie “Clueless,” and being a Leo. Lady Gaga is my favorite person overall because she did that (that being everything); whatever anyone does no longer matters because she...

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Joshua Hall

Staff Writer

Joshua Hall is a narcissistic high schooler who is slowly marching through the dregs of his junior year. His favourite food is pizza, just in case any loving reader wants to bring him any. Seriously, he’s always hungry. His...

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Shauna Benning

Staff Writer

My name is Shauna Benning. I am a senior at Forsyth Central High School. I have lived in Forsyth County for nine years, but was born in Atlanta. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer because I have always had...

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Lexee Burgess

Staff Writer

I am a junior here at Forsyth Central High School. I was born and raised in Forsyth County, Georgia. I love anything to do with literature or art, so having the opportunity to be in the journalism class and help write the...

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Luke Lindsey

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Luke Lindsey and I believe people should drink more water. I am a Junior and my eyes are blue. I was born in the same hospital room as my sister one year and six days after she was born, which would be...

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Emily Corwin

Editor in Chief

  I’m Emily Corwin, and I am a junior at Forsyth Central High School.  This is my second year in newspaper, and I am an editor-in-chief.  I decided to be a part of our school newspaper/literary magazine because I wish to purs...

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Matthew Hanley

Editor in Chief

My name is Matthew Hanley, though I prefer Matt. I don’t know why, to be entirely honest. Maybe it’s that I think Matthew is either too adult, or too childish. I probably got tired of hearing it once I graduated middle school,...

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Kealy Ford

Editor in Chief

I am a junior at Forsyth Central High School. From a very young age, I have loved to write. The first writing contest that I ever won was the Young Georgia Authors’ contest countywide in the third grade. Since then, I have...

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Jacob Chance

Staff Writer

I, Jacob Chance, am an experienced writer from Georgia. I currently am an article writer for the school newspaper. I’m a very open-minded for a teenager, but that doesn’t mean I’m scared to cover controversial topics. I h...

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